Unwakeable 1.091

I’ve released a new version of the Unwakeable WordPress theme. Unwakeable 1.091 takes some of the new CSS from Unsleepable 2.0.

There’s really very little Unsleepable 2.0 left in Unwakeable 1.091. I modified the CSS from Unsleepable so heavily it’s basically what it was at version 1.7 (the version Unwakeable was initially built off).

Unsleepable 2.0 included a taller header, which I removed and set back to the original height found in the initial release of Unwakeable. Ben was also using images in the background of the menu when hovering with your mouse, I removed those and switched back to simply using colors instead of colored images. I couldn’t really tell any difference between the two.

Ben also added drop shadows to the “page” section of Unsleepable 2.0. I did not carry these over to Unwakeable, simply because they wouldn’t fit this theme very well. It could have been done, I didn’t like how Unwakeable looked with the drop shadows though.

You can see the theme here on this site or you can see dev.longren.org for a preview of the newest development version. That site is using Unwakeable 1.091 and WordPress 2.0.5 beta 1. And, as you can probably tell, it’s just a default WP install, no additional plugins or anything.

Unwakeable 1.091 is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer 7. It looks beautiful in IE7, as well as Firefox and older releases of Internet Explorer. Head on over to the official Unwakeable page to download, or you can download from right here.