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Today I discovered Blackbird Pie, by way of a post on Noscope.

Blackbird Pie is a tool provided by the Twitter Media team that allows you to embed tweets directly in your blog posts or any website really. Here’s a good description of Blackbird Pie from a post at

The origin of the script is both self- and user-centered. Mostly, we just think it’s a pain to take screen grabs of tweets. But of course we also think it’s a much better user experience to have @-mentions, hashtags and the account itself all linked and clickable.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/tlongren/statuses/13741976795″]
The tweet above is an example of what Blackbird Pie does, definately much better than having to take a screenshot and post the tweet that way. All you have to do is provide the URL to the tweet and Blackbird Pie will spit out code for you to post in your blog or website. Now you can actually link directly to the tweet and the tweets author, and have the tweets content visible to search engines, something not possible with screenshots alone. Hashtags and @ mentions are also linked.

It’s a neat tool, sure to be of use to folks who like to embed tweets in their site. Blackbird Pie is a way better option for embedding tweets compared to simply taking screenshots of tweets.

UPDATE 11/22/2010: A WordPress plugin for Blackbird Pie has been released. Check it out if you were using Blackbird Pie manually before. I’ve used the Blackbird Pie plugin to embed the tweet below:
[blackbirdpie url=”!/tlongren/status/6171103173025792″]


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