Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Went out lastnight and picked up a 6 pack of Budweiser bottles and Rumple Minze. Rumple Minze is a 100 proof peppermint flavored schnapps. We just drink it straight, but I’ve heard of lots of drink mixes that it’s used in.

I’m not creating any new FTP accounts for the rest of the week. When the current people with FTP acconts are done downloading what they want, I’ll give out a few more. I’ve had to limit the maximum download speed from my FTP to 5kb/sec. Can’t have you people sucking up all my bandwidth. 😉

I also heard a rumor that it’s possible we may hear DJ Pi on soon. That would be killer! dj GT and his brother, Project C, are coming out with a 4 disc set soon. I’m supposed to be getting it soon so I can help seed it via BitTorrent once it’s available to the public. I’ve seen the tracklist for it and I think it’s gonna be an awesome mix.


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