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THere’s lots of good DJ’s out there today, but in my opinion, DJ Pi and DJ Doboy are a couple of the best. DJ Pi is less known than Doboy, but Pi’s mixes are of comparable quality to those of Doboy. Doboy also gets a lot more airtime on Digitally Imported. This probably has something to do with his popularity.

I’ve found myself being more and more drawn to DJ Pi’s stuff. His mixes aren’t readily avaible anywhere on the web, so he’s been uploading his newest mixes to me directly. I spoke with Pi today and he told me to expect Trance Empire Vol 6 (the next vol of Trance Empire) sometime around Feb 15. Trance Empire Vol 5 is my fav one right now. I’m really looking forward to Vol 6!


Well, now what?

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2 thoughts on “Trance, straight from the source

  1. Hellraiserx from h**p://

    Huge fan ever since the 1st djpi cd was released… im sorry to say doboy doesnt come close to pi’s talent…

    Pi is in an other league… all i listen to is his mixes and sometimes hard trance on

    Most of the work from pi is simply amazing but the only bad thing i can say is they are sometimes inconsistent… and the vocal trance series i didn’t like at all…

  2. Hi Hellraiserx, glad to see you here. I remember when I was distributing all the DJ Pi mixes off a tracker I hosted at home. I too love DJ Pi. I’ve become more of a vocal fan over the last couple years though. Still love the hardstyle for the car speakers!


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