Top Priority: Senioritis

I knew our government had it’s priorities in order. This just proves my point. Governors in at least 9 states are pushing for an overhaul of the senior year of high school. They claim the second half of the year wastes tax payers money and students time. I had senioritis, and so did everyone else I know. It’s that time of year, when you’re a senior, and school is almost over for you. I didn’t do much my last semester in high school for this reason. I just didn’t feel like it.

“The 12th grade is the biggest wasteland in America,” says Charles Reed, chancellor of the California State University System. Right buddy, you just keep telling yourself that. The article on Yahoo! News mentions removing most or all of the 12th grade.

I’m all for that, but come on, aren’t there other things that this attention could be put towards? Such as stopping the over-prescription of drugs or controlling immigration…just to name a couple. Immigration should be top priority right now as far as I’m concerned. I heard on FoxNews the other night that some states are giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They should not be getting their license. When they have that they can’t easily be identified as an illegal. My license is my main form of identification. If an illegal can get the same document that I use without even being a citizen, something is truly, totally fucked.

I got a little off-topic, so read the senioritis story @ Yahoo! News.


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One thought on “Top Priority: Senioritis

  1. I agree, don’t they have anything better to do that pick on teenagers who are about the face the realities of the real world? Is Senioritis really that big of a national problem? The way I look at it, Senioritis prepares people for eventual retirement. You go through three and a half years of struggle in high school, then you get to relax a bit before going on to the next phase of life. That next phase involves forty years of working for the man, and around the time age 65 hits, you get your Senioritis back. “Who cares? I’m going to retire!”

    Should lawmakers go after sports teams who pull their best players off the field during a blowout game? That’s a form of Senioritis, and one that cheapens the experience for money paying fans. Where’s Charles Reed when this happens?


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