Tip: List of Voice Commands for Kinect on Xbox 360

I came across this list of voice commands for Kinect on the Xbox 360.

I wanted to document them here as well for future reference. I also get quite a bit of traffic related to Xbox 360 stuff, so someone else reading might find it useful.

Please be aware that this is not a complete list. This list mostly covers voice commands that let you interact with the Xbox 360 Dashboard, not specific games. There are, however, voice commands for some apps: Hulu Plus, Last.fm, Netflix, ESPN and Zune.

You need to say “Xbox” before saying these voice commands.

Open Tray (only if there’s no disc inserted) -> Opens Tray
Kinect -> Opens Kinect Hub
Dashboard -> Takes you back to dashboard
ESPN -> Starts ESPN
Zune -> Starts Zune Marketplace
Video Kinect -> Starts Video Kinect
Trailer -> Starts Trailer
Dance Central -> Starts Game trailer
Play Game (disc) -> launches game
Next – > Takes you to next blade
Previous -> Takes you to previous blade
Sign In -> Signs you in
Achievements -> shows lists of achievements
friends -> shows friendslist
Face Id -> starts Face ID
Last Fm -> Starts Last FM

Voice Commands In Last FM:

Love -> hearts song
Ban – > bans song
next -> skips song
play -> plays playlist

Voice Commands for Last FM, Hulu Plus, Netflix, ESPN and Zune

fast-forward -> Fast forward a video or song
rewind -> Rewind a video or song
pause -> Pause video or song
play -> Play a video or song
next -> Skip to next video or song
previous -> Skip to previous video or song

If you’re aware of any voice commands that are missing, please leave a comment describing the voice command and I’ll get it added to this page.

UPDATE 1/3/2011:
I just came across the official Xbox Support “How to control your Xbox 360 console by using your voice” page. It doesn’t list all the voice commands listed above, hopefully they will update it with all the voice commands at some point.

UPDATE 1/17/2012:
Martyn Herb left a comment with a tip on how to turn your Xbox 360 off via a Kinect voice command. Before you can turn your Xbox 360 off, you need to say “Go to settings”. Once you’re at the system settings panel, you can then say “xbox turn off” to shut your Xbox 360 down.


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10 thoughts on “Tip: List of Voice Commands for Kinect on Xbox 360

  1. All control of xbox music player and playlist saved to hard drive are nonexistent …what about voice commands for that

    1. I’m unsure Shane.

      However I’d bet you can use the same voice commands as you use for Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc for navigating.

  2. Maybe a command to pull up ones playlists and sending private/party chat invites as well as ending chat voice commands would be nice as I play kinect games 20percent of the time and regular controller use games mostly as do my friends. Does voice control work during nonkinect games? Would be nice

    1. I don’t believe voice control works while playing non-kinect games. I know there’s some fairly big changes coming for the Fall dashboard update, perhaps that functionality will be included then.

  3. Do they have a voice command for Turing the console off because I tried saying stuff like “shut down” but nothing so I think they need to put it on.

    1. I don’t think that functionality exists Aaron. It would be a nice thing to have though. I’d be surprised if something like that isn’t included in the next dashboard update.

      I need to compile a better list of voice commands here. So many Kinect games have come out I haven’t been able to stay on top of them at all.

      1. To shut down the xbox using voice you need to go to ‘settings’ then ‘turn off’

        Hope that helps

  4. I do xbox go home then xbox settings then xbox turn off. There is no direct turn off that I know off.

  5. theres a process for shutting off xbox kinect with voice say xbox then settings then turn off


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