Three Vacancies on Supreme Court?

The Qando Blog says there could possibly be three openings on the Supreme Court by the end of the summer. I think this is highly unlikely and I’m not sure why I’m even writing about this. Some UCLA law professor says he got an e-mail from “a reliable source” on the issue…see below.

I got an email today from a reliable source opining that Justice John Paul Stevens will retire this summer if, but only if, CJ Rehnquist steps down. The theory is that Stevens will be willing to let Bush fill his slot only if there are so many spots available that Bush will feel free and/or pressure to nominate at least one moderate. If true, my guess is that the three slots would go to: Alberto Gonzales, probably as Chief, since he’s Bush’s closest judicial friend and Bush seems so eager to appoint the first Hispanic; Edith Jones (or possibly Janice Rogers Brown) so that a woman replaces O’Connor; and Michael McConnell to make both business and social conservatives happy. Let’s see Tradesports figure out a contract for that one!

One of the Qando Blog readers thinks Hillary Rodham Clinton would be an ideal choice for one of the positions. McQ, a writer at Qando thinks 3 available positions will make the left go nuts, which it will as it’ll be Bush’s responsibility to fill those positions. I believe Armageddon is the word he used….

I don’t really believe any of this. Sure, there’s a chance it could happen, but I could also be killed right now from a poopsicle falling from a jetliner. I don’t know why I should trust this guy’s source…I’ll stay skeptical.