Theme Changed to Mystique!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve changed the look of this website. I previously used my Unwakeable theme for WordPress, but wanted to switch to something else.

I came across the Mystique theme the other day and thought it had a nice look to it, so that’s what I’m using now. Just a base Mystique install, nothing changed but a bit of custom CSS added.

I’ll probably stick with Mystique for a while before switching to something else again. I do know that I’m not going to keep this theme as long as I did Unwakeable. I’m going to try switching up themes every six months or so.

Also been thinking about moving this site to Drupal for a while. I’ve never really used Drupal much, never on a live site anyway. We’re starting to use Drupal at work and I’ve liked it pretty well so far, although I still like the WordPress dashboard better.

What do you think of this new theme?

Update 1/21/2011:
I did end up having to modify an image that comes with Mystique. The image was box.png and it overlays the categories, tags, archives, etc on the right sidebar. I have an extensive archive (going back to March 2002). The image was only 2000 pixels high, so I had to make it a bit taller. So that’s really the only change I’ve made, bringing that image from 2000 pixels high to 3000 pixels high.


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3 thoughts on “Theme Changed to Mystique!

  1. I am using mystique as well for my classroom blog & I’m having trouble setting up links to my students’ blogs under anything besides the blogroll. How did you get the links to show up under “Sponsors.” Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Jyran,

      My Sponsors sections hard coded into sidebar.php. View the source of your site and copy the HTML from the Blogroll section and paste it below the blogroll.

      Change the code to list your students blogs and that should be it.


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