Theme Changed to Mystique!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve changed the look of this website. I previously used my Unwakeable theme for WordPress, but wanted to switch to something else.

I came across the Mystique theme the other day and thought it had a nice look to it, so that’s what I’m using now. Just a base Mystique install, nothing changed but a bit of custom CSS added.

I’ll probably stick with Mystique for a while before switching to something else again. I do know that I’m not going to keep this theme as long as I did Unwakeable. I’m going to try switching up themes every six months or so.

Also been thinking about moving this site to Drupal for a while. I’ve never really used Drupal much, never on a live site anyway. We’re starting to use Drupal at work and I’ve liked it pretty well so far, although I still like the WordPress dashboard better.

What do you think of this new theme?

Update 1/21/2011:
I did end up having to modify an image that comes with Mystique. The image was box.png and it overlays the categories, tags, archives, etc on the right sidebar. I have an extensive archive (going back to March 2002). The image was only 2000 pixels high, so I had to make it a bit taller. So that’s really the only change I’ve made, bringing that image from 2000 pixels high to 3000 pixels high.