The Religion of Peace

This piece at The Jawa Report caught my attention this morning. It points out how many moderate muslims don’t worry themselves with defending their religion as the “religion of peace” they say it is.

It’d be nice to hear some condemnation of terrorist attacks by these moderate muslims. Wouldn’t it help the Muslim religion as a whole? It would seperate those Muslims who really do believe Islam is the “religion of peace” from those that enjoy killing innocent people. There’d be a clear line of seperation then and the moderate muslims wouldn’t have to worry as much about being “persecuted” because they’re Muslim. Instead they decide to condemn TV shows like 24.

Groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) have a track record of condemning — but only targets like the Fox television show “24,” which they blasted earlier this year for having terrorists who were Muslims.

Never mind that CAIR officials have refused to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah when asked to do so by The Washington Post and others, describing questions about the terrorist groups as a “game.” And MPAC maintains, for example, that the Hezbollah murder of 241 Americans in Lebanon in 1983 was not a terrorist attack.

Yah, that really makes sense. Condemn Fox for staying mostly true for once to the way things are in the world. Kinda ironic. The entire article can be read at the Washington Times.