The Morning After

There’s quite a few blogs rounding-up coverage on the london bombings from the previous 24 hours. Conservative Thinking has the most comprehensive I’ve seen this morning. It’s a question/answer sorta format, so it’s pretty easy reading. Below is a little excerpt from Conservative Thinking.

Q. How many lost their lives in this cowardly attack?
A. At least 50 according to Sir Ian Blair, Metro Police Chief. Sir Ian Blair also stated that, “…the final figure was unlikely to top 100.”

Q. How did the attacks go down?
A. The BBC has a rather in-depth interactive timeline of the 7/7 events. But, here is a quick break down:

Explosion #1 happened at 0851 (London time) on a train about 100 meters away from the Liverpool Street station.

Explosion #2 occured at 0856 on a train in between the Russell Square and King’s Cross stations.

Explosion #3 went off at 0917 right after a train had left Edgware Road station.

Explosion #4 was the final blast during a morning of terror which occured at 0947 on one of London’s signature double-decker buses near Tavistock Square and Upper Woburn Place.

The Jawa Report has the goods on a Scotland Yard press conference. I’ve also seen reports on various sites that two more bombs were found on the bus. These bombs supposedly weren’t detonated and bomb squads were able to diffuse and remove the bombs safely. I’m not sure if this information has been confirmed or not.

If you notice any problems with this site, let me know. I’ve been getting tons of trackback spam and massive referrals from technorati. I’m glad I’m getting a chance to see how much web traffic my connection can handle…

Also, Danny Carlton (aka Jack Lewis) has made up some of those banners like you’re always seeing for “make poverty history” or whatever. These are to show support for our British friends though. Very light, clean, and tasteful. I’ll probably throw some on here when I get home this evening. You can get the banners here. He’s also got a whole bunch of links to major news sites that are reporting on the london bombings. Including Fox News, Reuters, Sky News, and many more.


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