The Last One

This will be my last post before leaving for Colorado. Ashley and I are leaving at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. Mom decided to let us take her car as Ashley and I don’t have any cars that we trust to make it to Colorado. I’m just glad I’m not gonna have to rent a car.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner for Amber’s birthday. Amber is Ashley’s older sister who’s not going to Colorado this year. She’s not going cuz she has to stay here @ work cuz Ashley will be gone.

Lots of stuff has gone wrong today at work. I’m not even gonna go into details, it just sucks. There wouldn’t be any problems if I wasn’t leaving for Colorado tomorrow. Just a few things that I really would have liked to get taken care of before leaving.

Ashley and I will be returning on Sunday, July 24th. Back just in time for work on the 25th. I won’t be watching this site while I’m gone. I expect to see a shit load of trackback and comment spam when I get back. Just ignore it if you see any as I’m not gonna do anything to stop it permanently before I leave. I’ll make a permanent fix when I get back.