The cure

Lately, most of the John Kerry commercials I’ve seen have bragged how Mr. Kerry will protect Americans from “the terrorists”. They all make it sound like Kerry can do what Bush hasn’t been able to do yet.

If either of these men really cared about the country, they would all step down. That’s the only way there’ll be an end to the so called war on terror. We’re the target of terrorism because of our government, who’s in charge, and how it’s run. I don’t think that simply not-supporting Israel will work anymore. A couple years ago, I was convinced all the problems came from our involvement with Israel.

Now, I truly believe the only way to remedy “the terrorist” problem is for every member of the U.S. senate and executive branch to step down. An entirely new form of leadership will have to arise before anything good will come. Now, Americans will still be hated cuz we gots mo money than all you fools…a single, solitary tear drips down my cheek.