The American Atrocities Evidence

Stephen Dupont, an Australian photojournalist, snapped some photos of American soldiers burning the bodies of some Taliban terrorists. Throughout the media, this is being portrayed as evidence of American atrocities in the middle east. Apparently, Mr. Dupont says it was clear the bodies were being burned for sanitary reasons.

I don’t know how I’ve missed this bit of news over the last week, there’s people blogging it all freakin over the place. Almost too much information for me to sort out right now. Anyway, the media is being blamed for spinning this story at least 180 degrees. There’s reports that people within the U.S. military psy-ops divisions burned the bodies in an attempt to lure out other Taliban fighters. There seems to be debate going on as to wether or not burning the bodies for psy-ops purposes was “ethical” I guess.

I really hope that’s not what all the fuss is really about. It’s one of the most effective forms of psy-ops. Saddam used it, the Taliban uses it. When Saddam was into chopping off womens heads, he’d have their heads placed on poles outside their homes for everyone to see. In turn sending the message that your head could be on a pole should you go against his regime.

And remember when the those American contractors were hung from the bridge in Fallujah? Yet another classic example of psy-ops, only it’s not being used by U.S. troops, so it’s OK. That’s basically what this all boils down to I think. It’s OK for everyone else to employ every tactic possible, but when the U.S. does it, it’s evil and we must be taught a lesson.

And that just brings us back to the fundamental problems with Islam and the MSM’s willingness to tear down the United States. Both of which are deep rooted problems that can’t be dealt with without taking extreme actions.

That’s probably it for me on this. Check out what everyone else has to say, it’s probably much more relavent to this story than the generalities I spoke of. Cao and Euphoric Reality have probably the most comprehensive posts:
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7 thoughts on “The American Atrocities Evidence

  1. The burning of the bodies happened before psyops used it to their advantage. They were trying to draw out the taliban fighters who are moving around like shadows and difficult to catch. The clearest picture of the incident and the chronology is drawn by the interview with Dupont here. (Realplayer required)

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  3. There’s reports that the US soldiers taunted the villagers with the news that the bodies were burned. It is possible that the original motive was “sanitation” but the later taunting turned it into in effect purposeful descration of the bodies. If we know that moslems regard burning the bodies as an evil act then it is possible that the original burners were not at fault (but their trainers are?) while the taunters definitely are. That’s the factual side of this incident. The consequential side of it is that US solders did something which moslems consider very bad and now not only do the moslems who didn’t like us have something to work with, those who did like us have reason to reevaluate their position.
    The argument that we are justified in an action because our enemy did it is morally bankrupt. Saddam is not the role model for US forces. Isn’t that right?

  4. That’s totally besides the point I’m making Ed. But, you do state a valid point. The matter of the fact though is that we’re at war and were trying to draw terrorists out of hiding. Publicly burning their buddies would more than likely draw them out.

    My argument may be morally bankrupt, but I wouldn’t be making the same argument were we not in a war. Priorities and tactics have to change to reflect the circumstances.

  5. Thanks Doug. They do provide a nice amount of traffic. Hope all is well in Ankeny. I wonder if they’re done with all that road construction yet there on 1st St. Last time I was in Ankeny I waited for probably 10 minutes at that first stoplight on 1st. boo!


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