That’s a Big Scared Monkey!

It seems Scared Monkeys, a blog I read daily, is witnessing some huge growth. Mostly due to the Natalee Holloway story. So far this week, they’ve had to switch hosting plans twice to accomodate the increase in traffic.

They’ve also setup a donations page so people can contribute to keep the site up and running. They say their hits have gone from 600 a day to over 40,000 a day in under two weeks. That’s simply amazing. If I got that much traffic this website would cease to exist. I’ll stick with the 600 or so uniques a day I get now, thank you.

I’m glad to see Scared Monkeys has been growing so much. They always have very unique content and they’re really quick about posting breaking news and just staying on top of things in general. There’s not much that gets past those guys.

Here’s a little bit from the post about the sites growth.

Recently, the cost of our bandwidth has spiked as the Natalee Holloway story has gained momentum. We have had to change our hosting plan twice this past week to cover the increased volume. It has gone from 600 a day to 40,000 a day in a little over 2 weeks.

We are not complaining about this at all. It is a wonderful opportunity and we have made many new friends. Not to mention very interesting. But now we are improving Scared Monkeys to serve a much larger purpose than it was initially designed to. We have the web log, we have added a full discussion forum in the last two days that has over 450 members. We are looking to create a new site dedicated to the exciting news stories of the day, while maintaining the original Scared Monkeys that is a bit more personal and political.


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