Improved Permalink Redirection

After a hard evenings work, I have a much better redirection method to replace the one I described in this post. Previously, I was simply guessing which post a searcher was looking for and displayed a link to that post.

That was all fine and dandy, but I have pretty good search ranking for various keywords. I’d like to keep it that way. After digging around a bit I came across the best method to keep my search rankings in place and manage to redirect the searcher to the desired post. Enter the 301 Permanent Redirect.

I found a nice simple PHP function to do redirection on any number of levels. This function has the ability to send specific HTTP/1.1 status codes based on the type of redirection desired. Since my old permalinks will never be valid again, I chose the 301 Permanent Redirect. A note, the function listed at the URL linked above doesn’t work as-is, you need to modify it. The modified function is below, plus some extra code. All of that code is in my themes header.php file.
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Permalink Structure Update

I’ve updated the permalink structure on this blog. What’s this mean for you? Nothing really, unless you had some pages bookmarked. If you did have some pages at this blog bookmarked, they’ll no longer load to the right page. My permalinks used to look like this:

Now, they look something like this:

There’s no real benefit gained from this change, I just like the look of the new permalink structure better. Now, the only problem with making this change is search engines still see the old permalink structure, as expected. So, when someone searches google for Slackware 11, they will see a link to

Well, the /archives/2156 page no longer exists here. However, there is an /archives/ page. I’ve added a slight bit of intelligence to the /archives/ page. If a user ends up at, the archives page will try to find the post they’re really looking for.

Now, this works very well for people coming in from search engines or other blogs that have linked here. Any time the archives page sees a number at the end, /archives/2156, for example, it assumes the number is a postid, which is usually is. So, after that, the PHP code fetches the new URL for the post id and then grabs the post title and provides a link to the new URL.

Here’s the PHP I used to make this happen:

	print "


"; } ?>

Not very pretty, I know, but it gets the job done. Oh, and I really like this Code Autoescape plugin.


Lots Of Spam

I think this blog gets way more spam than your average blog. For instance, over the lifetime of this blog (a little over 4 years), it averages about 95 unique visitors per day. Pretty poor average, I know, but this blog existed for 2+ years being read only by my family. Over the last year and a half or so, my averages have been up around 150 – 200 uniques per day.

Now, comment spam wasn’t a huge deal here until about a year ago or so. When it became a real problem, I installed Spam Karma, which has stopped pretty much all of it. How many pieces of comment spam does “all of it” equal? Right about 60,000 comment spams, in nearly one year. See the little black bar at the bottom of this page? It counts the number of comment spams that Spam Karma has stopped. It currently reads “This blog is protected by Spam Karma 2: 62528 Spams eaten and counting…”.

It’ll be at 62700 or so by tomorrow morning probably. Maybe I’m way off, but I just think this is an awful lot of comment spam compared to the relatively low amount of “real” traffic this site sees. But whatever, I’m just glad to have Spam Karma.


OpenDNS System Status

It looks like OpenDNS is about to launch a “System Status” section of their website. Check out I don’t know if this page is supposed to be live to the public yet, but what the hell.

Once you navigate to that page, you’ll see a status summary of the OpenDNS network. It looks like there’s gonna be a “mini blog” type of thing there too, probably mostly for making updates about outages or other problems. The “Testing” link you see in the image below is what leads me to believe there’s gonna be a separate “status” blog on that page.
There’s also a newer post at the OpenDNS blog about how they learn about phishing sites. I think they made that post in part due to one of my earlier posts on OpenDNS. 🙂

And boy how I wish I lived in San Francisco (well, not really). OpenDNS is currently looking for a Debian system administrator. Personally though, I’ve touched Debian once or twice. I can’t imagine leaving my beloved Slackware.

Oh, and I found the site via my WordPress dashboard. was listed as an incoming link from Technorati.


Flickr is Back

Flickr is back online after their unexpected downtime. I’m sure they’re still in the process of moving photos to the other datacenter. 20 terabytes is an amazing amount, although the one photo of mine that was unavailable is now displaying just fine.

Anyway, everything seems to be alright over at Flickr now. Wonder who’s gonna win the contest?