WordPress MU 1.0

WordPress Multi-user 1.0 has been released. WordPress MU is designed for hosting and managing hundreds or thousands of blogs, similar to WordPress.com. Setup of WordPress MU is considerably more difficult than setting up a stand-alone WordPress installation. Here’s some text from the post to the WordPress development blog:

WordPress MU is an official branch of WordPress that is designed for managing and hosting thousands of blogs instead of just one. It’s the software that powers WordPress.com, for example. MU has been in heavy development for about a year now, and we’ve finally polished it up to a place where we feel like it’s ready for public consumption. Since setup is a bit more complex than the 5-minute install of regular WordPress, MU is best suited for a more server-savvy audience. You can download it on the WordPress MU site.

bbPress 0.72 was also released. bbPress is a piece of forum software “with the WordPress touch”.

Head on over to the WordPress Development blog for more info on both of these products.

On a related note, WordPress 2.0.5 is still due out soon. Lorelle has a post in which she goes over a few of the changes we can expect in WordPress 2.0.5. Go check it out.


WordPress.com Is 1 Year Old

Crossposted from the Slackware Blog.

Lorelle has a pretty lengthy post about the 1 year birthday of wordpress.com. It’s really quite a touching tribute.

No matter how much we want “pretty” in a WordPress Theme, no matter how much we wish the sidebar were on the left instead of the right, or want to add Flickr galleries to our sidebars or posts, insert video or music files into our posts, tag posts, change header art, or wrap text around pictures, it’s all about the stories we share, the memories we recall, pictures we show off, opinions we rattle off, our screams and shouts, our whines and moans, tears openly shed, questions asked, answers challenged, and words we write.

It’s called blogging. And few do it better than the WordPress.com blogging service.

Unique To Longren.org: OK, I posted that on the Slackware Blog a little bit ago. This blog isn’t hosted at wordpress.com, but I’ve been blogging for about 6 months there with the Slackware Blog. There were issues when I initially started using wordpress.com, but after that it’s been more stable than Dreamhost has been lately. I can see myself using wordpress.com for a long time to come, at least to see what sort of new goodies they come out with in the future. And it’s a free WordPress hosting service, doesn’t get much better than that.


WordPress.com: Spam Blog Fastest Growing

Take a look at this screenshot:

The 4th fastest growing blog shown there is a spam blog. I thought wordpress.com was having troubles with spam blogs soon after they launched. And I thought they devised a way to prevent it for the most part. I wonder if the spammers have come up with a new method to do their trickery…


WordPress.com: Domain Mapping

WordPress.com, the free blog hosting site based off WordPress, is getting ready to allow users to use their own domain names in conjunction with the wordpress.com service. What’s that mean? You will be able to setup a domain to point to your wordpress.com blog.

For example, I blog at http://slackware.wordpress.com. If I bought the slackwareblog.com domain, I could point it to slackware.wordpress.com. So, slackwareblog.com would essentially be running on top of WordPress.com. It’s a lot like gmail for your domain.

Right now, WordPress.com is only testing this feature out, offering it to the first 8 people to comment on the WordPress.com blog post discussing the new feature. I’ve been wishing for this feature since I started using wordpress.com, glad it’s finally on the horizon.

On a related note, “92.63% of the traffic to WordPress.com is for blogs outside of the top 25.” I figured it’d be lower than that, but that’s pretty impressive for those outside the top 25.


WordPress.com Invite

I recieved my wordpress.com invitation on Saturday morning. WordPress.com is a hosted wordpress blog setup. I signed up to be invited right when I heard about it a few months ago. Since I don’t really need or want another blog, I’m gonna give the invite away…if anybody is interested. Comment or send an email if you want it.

If I did need a blog, I’d probaby choose to host it with wordpress.com just because it uses WordPress and it’s free. Might wanna see what Basil’s got goin on for breakfast this morning.

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