WePay: A Great PayPal Alternative

I recently started using WePay as an alternative to PayPal. WePay has a lot going for them right now. There’s a lot of people looking for alternatives to PayPal, and WePay is a perfect alternative.

I’ve used PayPal for a very long time and have generally been very happy with it. Lately though, I’ve been having some issues related to people in other countries not being able to use PayPal anymore. Setting up recurring payments is a little more difficult than it should be too.
WePay is a great alternative to PayPal. It’s really easy to setup, setup can be done in less than a minute.

One really nice feature of WePay is how they verify your bank account (if you choose to add one). Everyone knows that PayPal makes two micro-deposits to your bank account in order to verify it’s your account. WePay does that too, but it’s a last resort. To verify your account with WePay, you can either login to your bank account via the WePay website, or you can send a picture of your photo ID and check to WePay. Both are much faster than the micro-deposit route.

WePay also lets you create multiple “accounts”. So, you could have one account for beer money, another account for rent, and so on. Pretty handy.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to PayPal, I suggest you give WePay a shot.

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