OpenDNS Speed

Wikipedia defines Adware as “Adware or advertising-supported software is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertising material to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used.”

This guy makes some good points, the OpenDNS as Adware idea not being one of them though. He’s had some issues with the typo fix feature of OpenDNS and the OpenDNS search page coming up when it shouldn’t.

So what happens when it doesn’t know the IP address you ask? Well sometimes it returns no answers

javila@BeanMac ~ $ dig @

;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

And sometimes it gives you back their server. ( 1 IN A any request to results in a search the attempted url being ran through their systems. If im not misunderstood, they make their money off of adds displayed at this time… therefore, the more they don’t catch, the more money they make on advertising? Ok so I guess for their software it “Pays to be stupid”

Simply because an application doesn’t provided the expected results doesn’t mean it’s adware. OpenDNS seems like the kind of company who is out to stop adware and other sorts of internet baddies. That post is worth a read, it does a nice job of bringing to light some problems in OpenDNS. And, I don’t think the guy was actively trying to take the “OpenDNS is Adware” stand, he did file that post under “Talking Shit” after all. heh.

Another interesting OpenDNS related post comes from Thomas Ptacek. Thomas has noticed OpenDNS actually takes longer to resolve some domains than, say, your ISP’s DNS servers.

74ms longer via OpenDNS. How much of that is network latency? You could turn off recursion, but OpenDNS doesn’t support it, so instead query for OpenDNS’s own names:

nsping -z
+ [ 22 ] 55 bytes from 261.771 ms [ 192.468 san-avg ]

41ms. Weak evidence that it takes OpenDNS 33ms longer to look up random names at Google on my DSL connection? Note also that all the OpenDNS queries “succeed”, because OpenDNS sends you to a landing page for typos.

Some pretty interesting comments going on at that post too. David Ulevitch and Thomas might end up getting together to do some testing on DNS caches and overall performance. David made a comment in my previous post on OpenDNS in which he explains some of the new features they’re working on:

I agree 100% about us needing to be more transparent. The three biggest things we are working on right now are:
1) Getting account preferences up and running so people can just enable and disable the various features they are working on.
2) Providing a much clearer understanding of where our phishing data comes from and what happens if we make a mistake
3) Bringing up our London datacenter and adding in a bunch of peering and other network connectivity to our existing sites.

I’ve really only witnessed one problem with OpenDNS. This is a prime example, try navigating to It takes you to the OpenDNS search page, right? Well, the first link displayed on the search page is really where I want to go. So, I click the first link and I’m taken right back to the OpenDNS search page I was just on. So, there’s apparently no way for me to get to using OpenDNS. Granted, isn’t totally legitimate, it’s definitely not breaking any sort of laws. Perhaps the spellcheck is getting confused. The domain is, not

I’ve been using OpenDNS for about 5 days now. I am going to do some testing tonight at home to see if OpenDNS actually serves up info quicker than my ISP’s DNS servers. I will post the results and how I went about testing. That is, provided I have power at home, there’s been some awesome storms rolling through the last couple days. A welcome event for the farmers around here though.

I can get to with no problem now, I never even see the OpenDNS search page. David mentioned he’s opened a bug in bugzilla for the developers to check out. He also mentioned this post on OpenDNS by Greg Keene. Greg takes a look at OpenDNS and fears even one security breach could make OpenDNS disappear:

My concerns? The obvious, security and security. Will temptation to generate advertising overcome their ‘do good’ nature? We’ll have to see. A huge, obvious hole is their own security. If they get hacked, then their users are effectively exposed — don’t underestimate this. I’d like to get more people using them so we can really find how good they are. My thought is that one security breach could kill these guys, even an exposed exploit would be a very bad thing.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Wilma is Intense

Hurricane Wilma is the most intense hurricane ever.

Hurricane Wilma rapidly gained strength overnight and is now a category 5 storm! A recon plane found a pressure of 892 mb around 2:30 this morning, then 884 mb around 5 a.m., ranking Wilma as the most intense hurricane to ever be recorded in the Atlantic basin! It is also the fastest intensification of any hurricane in recorded history. Wilma is packing winds over 175 mph, with higher gusts. Senior Hurricane Expert Joe Bastardi says it is a very compact storm, with an eye just 4 miles wide and hurricane force winds extending outward only 15 miles from center.

Sounds pretty exciting. I wish I wasn’t smack dab in the middle of Iowa, I love bad ass weather like that. Dan at Riehl World View has links to various radar loops, including one that’s really trippy.


Wicked Katrina Photos

California Conservative has some really wicked looking photos of hurricane Katrina as it was making landfall. One of their readers submitted the photos. I’m not gonna post them here, just head over to California Conservative to check them out.

The second picture is 100% pure amazing. I can’t believe how high the cloud walls extend. Very, very good pictures. Check em out.

Peenie Wallie brought to my attention these aren’t Katrina photos. Just various weather phenomenon photos. Still worth taking a look at.


Rita Evac Bus Explodes

Via Sister Toldjah.

DALLAS — As many as 20 nursing home patients were killed early Friday when a busload of elderly Hurricane Rita evacuees from Houston caught fire then was rocked by a series of explosions on gridlocked Interstate 45, a Dallas County Sheriff’s spokesman said.

The bus loaded with 43 passengers was engulfed with flames, causing a 17-mile backup on a freeway that was already heavily congested with evacuees from the Gulf Coast.

“Deputies were unable to get everyone off the bus,” spokesman Don Peritz said. “We believe it’s gonna be closer to 20 fatalities.”

A Dallas County Medical Examiner told KXAS-TV that they are expecting as many as 24 fatalities.

That’s really, really sucky. I feel for their relatives. They probably weren’t expecting their relatives to die on a bus while being evacuated. It’s sort of ironic in a kinda sick way. heh. The local NBC affiliate in Dallas has a slideshow of the remains of the bus, they’ll most likely have updates as they’re available also. Dr. Steven Taylor at PoliBlog has the sad news too.

If this isn’t enough for you, check out what Basil is serving for breakfast this morning.


Rita Preparations

I so badly wanted to punch New Orleans mayor Nagin in the face the other day. He’s a total asshat, getting pissed off because Thad Allen warned people not to go back to New Orleans. At least Nagin has enough of a brain to listen to Thad, nevermind Nagin berating Thad for warning the people of New Orleans not to go back.

Supposedly, it’ll take about 3″ of additional rain in New Orleans to breach the levee system again. Scary, as 3 inches of rain at once isn’t uncommon even here in Iowa. I’d expect more than that on the Gulf coast, aside from there being another major hurricane approaching.

Michelle Malkin has some good links, including one to Jason Smith (Generation Why). Jason’s got pictures comparing the evacuation of Houston compared to that of New Orleans.

PowerPundit has word that Rita is approaching level 5 hurricane status. The WeatherBlog has the same information. Wasn’t Rita still a tropical storm yesterday?

Heather, who has written for HurricAid and lives in Houston, is evacuating her residence tonight. She has contact info for anyone staying in Houston who wants her to publish some information for them. Could be useful once Rita makes landfall.

The Political Teen has Rita’s expected track. The stormtrack has been basically the same for a few days now. I think it’s expected to make landfall slightly more north of their original estimates. In all reality, it could do anything from hitting Mexico to clobbering New Orleans and the rest of the northern gulf coast again. Should make for an interesting next couple of days.

I’ll be interested to see what level of hurricane this is when it makes landfall. I believe it’s technically still a level 4 hurricane, but a powerful level 4. Sounds like Katrina. Looks like Katrina.

I hope it doesn’t hit New Orleans again. Or anywhere in the U.S. If it does, and causes serious damage like Katrina, expect the islamo-nuts to praise Allah for sending Rita to destroy all us dirty kuffars. Just like they did with Katrina. They’re silly. claim.