VPSstat.us VPS Monitoring & Control Beta

I’m slowly launching a startup business. I’ve been working on it as a side project for a month or so. but am ready to get some initial users for testing purposes. I think entire thing is about 95% ready to go, but I’m sure there’s some things that I haven’t tested for.

So, I’m looking for people who have a VPS that runs on a SolusVM implementation. All you’ll need it your hosts SolusVM API URL, API key, and API hash.

If you’ve got a VPS from FlipHost, your API URL will be http://solus.fliphost.net/api/client, and your API key and API hash can be found by logging your VPS control panel at http://solus.fliphost.net.

A LOT of webhosts out there use SolusVM. If you’re interested and have a VPS but aren’t sure if yours is run on SolusVM, drop a comment here and we’ll figure it out.

If you know you’re on a SolusVM VPS, sign-up for the beta at http://launch.vpsstat.us/. If you sign up, I’ll contact you via email the evening after you sign up (I do have a day job) with details on how to get setup. Those who participate in the beta will forever have a free account. Once public, 3 different plans will be available, all paid, but cheap.