0 So easy to miss, but so important for SSH Private Key Authentication I don’t allow password logins on any of my servers. Can only login via SSH key based authentication. No root login is allowed, and I specify every user that’s allowed to login via SSH, ie: me. If you’re a regular here, you […]

0 I recently setup The Events Calendar WordPress plugin on a few sites for work. The events are added as posts, so they show up in the WordPress RSS feed. We didn’t want events showing in the RSS feed, this is the code I ended up with: // Keep events out of RSS add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’, ‘exclude_category_from_feed’); […]

1+ I work for a group of newspapers here in Iowa. We recently started moving these sites to WordPress. Site visitors must be logged in to view stories. They can see all the stories on the front page, but when they click through to a single story, they see a login form in place of […]

0 I came across this list of voice commands for Kinect on the Xbox 360. I wanted to document them here as well for future reference. I also get quite a bit of traffic related to Xbox 360 stuff, so someone else reading might find it useful. Please be aware that this is not a […]