WordPress Plugin: Thumbnail Viewer 1.2

I’ve released version 1.2 of the Thumbnail Viewer plugin for WordPress (actually released like 2 weeks ago, just now announcing). Not many changes were made in 1.2 except the fixed paths to the css and javascript files. The incorrect paths totally prevented the 1.1 from working for people who downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Go Download Thumbnail Viewer Plugin 1.2

Shortly after the release of 1.1, I started hosting thumbnail viewer at the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Hosting there gives me access to a Subversion repository, which I had never used before. Hosting at the WordPress Plugin Directory gives the plugin greater exposure and provides me with a central place to store all the code.

Version 1.2 was prompted when I started getting a bunch of people contacting me saying the plugin was not working. I got right down to it and realized the plugin was looking in the wrong directory for thumbnailviewer.css and thumbnailviewer.js. I renamed some directories before moving the project to the WordPress Plugin Directory and forgot to update the directory names in the PHP code.

So, version 1.2 was basically just a fix for the incorrect directory names. Until I can get a dedicated page setup here for thumbnail viewer, please see the announcement post for version 1.1 for installation directions and examples. There’s also some pretty helpful comments in there.

Go Download Thumbnail Viewer Plugin 1.2

If you’re still running version 1.1, there’s nothing your missing in 1.2. However, the directory format in 1.2 is how it’s gonna be from now on, so you might as well upgrade. You can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. The latest, most up-to-date version will always be on that page.

UPDATE: Finally!!! I’ve taken the time to create an official page for my Thumbnail Viewer plugin. Please try to keep all the support related questions centered on that page. The announcement post for version 1.1 still has some pretty helpful comments though, I may decide to move them to the new page at some point.


WordPress Plugin: Thumbnail Viewer 1.1

1.1 is now old, go get the newest.

I’ve released version 1.1 of my Thumbnail Viewer plugin, which still needs an official homepage. This release was prompted by a problem with showing the quicktag when authoring a new post or page. The quicktag wasn’t showing on WordPress 2.1 installations. So, as a result, WordPress 2.0.x is no longer supported by the Thumbnail Viewer plugin. If you want to use this plugin you’ll need WordPress 2.1 or later. Really, the plugin should still work with WordPress 2.0.x, however the quicktag won’t be available when writing a new post.

The issues in Internet Explorer 7 I spoke about earlier haven’t been resolved, quite. I’d say the plugin works fine in 98% or more of all Internet Explorer 7 installations. I’ve only had problems on one installation of IE7. I’m pretty sure this problem isn’t even directly related to this plugin. I say that because the demo page for the code this plugin is based on won’t work either in that same IE7 install. So, it’s apparently a problem in the javascript this plugin is based on. I guess as of right now, I’m considering the div display problem in IE7 to be out of my control.

Anyway, click the images below for a demo.
Some CornSome Cracker JacksSome Peas

The above example was achieved with the following HTML:

Some Corn
Some Cracker Jacks
Some Peas

1.1 is now old, go get the newest.


  1. Extract wp-thumbnailviewer folder from .zip to wp-contents/plugins/.
  2. Go to Plugins in WordPress dashboard and activate Thumbnail Viewer.
  3. That’s it! Write a new post to use the quicktag button or simply add rel=thumbnail to any link tag.


  1. Simply overwrite everything in wp-contents/plugins/wp-thumbnailviewer/ with everything in the wp-thumbnailviewer folder from the zip file.
  2. That’s it! You should now be using the latest Thumbnail Viewer WordPress plugin.