Bloggers Encourage Paris Riots

Some bloggers in France have been detained for encouraging people to participate in the Paris riots. Doesn’t seem like a very smart thing to do given the situation. French bloggers are apparently split on this, some encouraging the riots, others attempting to bring peace and quiet. H/T Boing Boing.

Two bloggers have been detained by authorities in France on suspicion of encouraging people to take part in the Paris riots.

A 16-year-old French teenager and an 18-year-old of Ghanaian nationality are being questioned by Paris prosecutors, according to reports.

One of the blogs was called “sarkodead”, a reference to the interior minister and presidential contender, Nicholas Sarkozy, who referred to the rioters in disparaging terms and has been singled out for criticism by many French bloggers.

Boing Boing also points to an article written by Thomas Crampton (who’s been covering the riots) in which he discusses the role blogs and SMS (text messages) played in the riots in France.

This could make for some really interesting news when more information starts coming out. There’s a lot of talk about this going on at French blogs, but I don’t know French.


Hotel Suicide Bombings in Jordan – UPDATED

Three hotels in Amman, Jordan were the target of suicide bombers today. 23 57 people are known to have died while 120 300 people were injured. The hotels were popular among Israeli and Western toursits.

AMMAN (Reuters) – At least 23 people were killed and scores wounded on Wednesday when three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up in three hotels in Amman, a security source said.

Reuters correspondents said there had been explosions at the Radisson SAS and Grand Hyatt hotels in Amman and the official Petra news agency said there had been a third blast at the Days Inn hotel in the city.

“At least 23 people were killed in the three blasts and many wounded,” a security source told Reuters.

Jordan’s interior minister, Awni Yarfas, who was at the Radisson hotel, told reporters: “There were explosions in the Hyatt and the Radisson … Yes, they were bombs.”

Police threw up roadblocks around the hotels, causing traffic chaos in the city, and Reuters television footage showed a fleet of ambulances and fire vehicles outside the buildings.

The blasts appeared to happen at much the same time.

Supposedly, a wedding was taking place in a banquet hall inside one of the hotels. There was some speculation over wether or not the bombs were pre-planted or if this was the result of suicide bombers. It seems to be generally accepted now that it was suicide bombers.

Could this somehow be related to or in response to the Paris riots? Could be, but I doubt it. Proabably just more islamic crazies blowing stuff up for the sake of blowing stuff up. And to murder as many zionist pigs as possible, which is usually their goal. Note I said “usually”, not “always”. And I said “islamic crazies” rather than “all muslims”. You liberal european bloggers can stop calling me islamaphobic now.

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UPDATE 1: Wizbang has an update stating that FoxNews is reporting the death toll has risen to 57 with 115 people injured. Apparently the bombs at the Radisson and the Hyatt were suicide bombers. The Days Inn explosion was caused by a car bomb.

UPDATE 2: FoxNews is now reporting the number of injuries to be closer to 300 than 115.


Kiddie Limb Crushing

This is quite disturbing. An 8 year old Iranian boy was caught stealing some bread. What’s the best way to punish a young boy who must resort to theft to keep food in his belly? Run his arm over with a truck of course.

These pictures may disturb you. The little boy’s facial expressions are horrible. How anyone could hold a small child down while he’s run over with a truck is beyond me. It’s no wonder there’s so many murders and terrorists living in that region, look at how the discipline their young. I’d cut that guys head off were he ever to cross me on the street.

H/T Jay @ Stop the ACLU. Heidi at Euphoric Reality hopes “ALL those Muslim men burn in hell for eternity after soaking for a millenium in pig’s blood.” I’m with ya there Heidi.

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Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail has been invited to spend a month in Iraq with the Marines he’s been supporting religiously for the last year.

The Fourth Rail already has some of the best, totally original iraq/war related material. Bill’s taking an “unpaid leave of absence” from his current job to go blog in Iraq. I’m sure he’d gladly accept donations so he doesn’t have to sell a kidney or something when he gets back the U.S. He’s currently planning on leaving in mid-November.

It also sounds like he won’t be blogging via The Fourth Rail once in Iraq. Bill and some buddies are starting a new site that’s “focused on national and international security threats and the U.S. led war on terror.” Should be good, so keep an eye on for more.


Silly Cindy, Fences are for Sheep

WARNING: Liberal hippie douche bags may be offended by the content that follows in this post. No action whatsoever will be taken against those who choose not to heed the warning. So, whatever.

I guess that title doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe it makes more sense than it does at first glance, Cindy is silly and she’s basically a sheep that follows everyone. Nevermind the thousands of sheep she has following her. She’s half sheep, half shepard. There.

Anyway, back to the fences. Cindy Sheehan is gearing up to tie herself to a fence at the White House. When will she be doing this you ask? Once 2000 american soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq. Seems almost like a celebration rather than a protest or whatever the hell tying yourself to a fence could be classified as.

“Hey everybody! Look at me, I’m tied to a fence! Pay attention to me! yay!” See, I can tell the future, that’s what she’ll be screaming once she’s actually tied. This is straight from the sheeps mouth though, seriously:

“I’m going to go to Washington, D.C. and I’m going to give a speech at the White House, and after I do, I’m going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave until they agree to bring our troops home,” Sheehan said in a telephone interview last week as the milestone approached.

Good luck crackhead. Like the United States will risk millions of lives here @ home just to save yours. I hope Cindy Sheehan is allowed to expire on the lawn of the White House. I mean no disrespect to her family or anything, just her. Let’s face it, she’s fighting for the rights and freedoms of those trying to kill us. Without troops in Iraq and elsewhere, we here at home would be target numero uno.

Cindy, please, please for the love of god stop your anti-U.S. propoganda slinging and take a good hard look at who we’re fighting in this war on terror. It’s not the “war on WMD”, it’s the “war on terror”. Shut up about there being no WMD’s in Iraq, because that’s a flat out lie. Just because the ingredients aren’t put together yet doesn’t mean they weren’t intending to make the full batch. I mean shit, I can’t even buy two fucking boxes of sudafed because I could make meth with it. And had I bought two+ boxes a year ago I’d end up on some sort of blacklist which would end up getting my house put under surveillance.

It’s so sweet how you don’t whine and complain about my right to buy two boxes of sudafed being taken away, yet you’ll fight endlessly to let the terrorists roam freely in countries un-willing to stand up to them.

I’ll be the first guy to point out problems in my country. Anyone ever take a gander through the archives (although the links aren’t there, the archives still are)? I was convinced we would be living in a 100% police-state environment within 20 years, not so much the case now. Why? Because I realized this country won’t even be here in 20 years unless we make an effort right now to stop those who want to kill us just because we’re not muslim and because we don’t acknowledge Mohammed. Oh, and Mohammed can suck a nut. If ya see him floatin around there in “the aural world” Cindy, tell him I say what up and he can stop by anytime he needs more nut in his mouth…I’m always willing to lend a helping testicle.

OK, so that’s enough tearing people (and deities) to shreds. Other blogs reporting on the subject (althought not nearly as vulgur) include California Conservative and Blogs for Bush. California Conservative had a link to Ace’s post about crotchless panties. Oddly enough, this does relate to the subject at hand. I think Ace has every reason to be worried, I know I don’t wanna have to gouge my eyes out anytime soon. And, they do make crotchless panties for sheep, correct? I swear to god there was a pair on Insomniac (Dave Attell’s old show). I’ll keep that in mind as a Christmas present for lady Sheehan. Coverage continues with The Political Teen, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, Stop the ACLU, Real Teen, In The Bullpen, GOP Bloggers, and DonkeyStomp.

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