The Undersigned Blogging Survey

The Undersigned is running another blog survey. The first survey didn’t go over so well, with only 39 people participating. I wasn’t one of those 39. I was unaware of the survey until earlier this morning.

So far in the second survey, 111 bloggers have participated. The second survey has been going on since October 18th, so two days now. They’ve added a live results page for this second survey also. Some pretty interesting results so far. There’s lots of new bloggers, a majority of those who’ve taken the survey started blogging this year, in 2006.

One thing that surprised me was the number of people hosting their blog by themselves versus using a free blogging service such as 91% of those surveyed are hosting their blog themselves. I expected there would be more people using free blogging services.

If you’re a blogger, and have a few seconds, go fill out the survey.