0 A Minimal dark theme for Sublime Text 3 Cyanide is a minimal dark theme for Sublime Text 3 that comes with various color options. You can see screenshots of all the different colors in the gallery at the end of this post. Cyanide can be installed via Package Control and can also be found […]

0 So many themes and color schemes These aren’t exactly new, but I’ve been around the Sublime Text theme scene for a while and I’d never seen these two. So, here you go! amCoder amCoder describes itself as a “Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text 2/3 with Love of Monokai.” It’s based on Spacegray, and […]

0 Flatland-Alt, Renamed and Improved Flatland-Alt creator, Jamie Wilson, informed that he released a new SublimeText theme, Predawn. @tlongren Hey man, thanks for including Flatland-Alt. I released a new/better version, with a new name. Predawn: http://t.co/vvPRcTl0WI — Jamie Wilson (@jmwlsn) March 5, 2014 Predawn is actually a new and improved, renamed version of Flatland-Alt, but […]