VPSstat.us VPS Monitoring & Control Beta

I’m slowly launching a startup business. I’ve been working on it as a side project for a month or so. but am ready to get some initial users for testing purposes. I think entire thing is about 95% ready to go, but I’m sure there’s some things that I haven’t tested for.

So, I’m looking for people who have a VPS that runs on a SolusVM implementation. All you’ll need it your hosts SolusVM API URL, API key, and API hash.

If you’ve got a VPS from FlipHost, your API URL will be http://solus.fliphost.net/api/client, and your API key and API hash can be found by logging your VPS control panel at http://solus.fliphost.net.

A LOT of webhosts out there use SolusVM. If you’re interested and have a VPS but aren’t sure if yours is run on SolusVM, drop a comment here and we’ll figure it out.

If you know you’re on a SolusVM VPS, sign-up for the beta at http://launch.vpsstat.us/. If you sign up, I’ll contact you via email the evening after you sign up (I do have a day job) with details on how to get setup. Those who participate in the beta will forever have a free account. Once public, 3 different plans will be available, all paid, but cheap.


Om Malik Gets Liberated

Om Malik, the guy behind the GigaOm blog, is setting out on his own. He’s leaving Business 2.0 to create a news related site of his own. Om’s blog, GigaOm, has been one of my daily reads for the last year and a half or more.

It appears Om has raised several hundred thousand dollars from venture capital firm True Ventures.

I’m pretty sure Om will be successful with his new start-up. As you can imagine, I’m not the only one feeling this way.