0 Frustration-free log management, plus a lot more I’ve been a huge fan of Papertrail ever since I discovered it, probably about a year ago or so. I use it mostly to monitor server logs. I currently have two servers setup to send syslog messages to Papertrail. The Papertrail Events dashboard can be a bit […]

0 Make bruteforce attempts almost impossible I always disable SSH password logins when setting up a new server, allowing authentication via private key only. It’s a good way to secure SSH all-around. Disabling password logins in Ubuntu is extremely easy. Open /etc/ssh/sshd_config with nano or vi. You’ll want to change options for 3 different directives, […]

0 Stopping SSH Brute Force Attacks resulted in some really great comments and suggestions from readers. So, this is a follow up to the last SSH brute force post. I didn’t realize there was such a wide selection of applications for dealing with this, but there is! The two best looking options in my opinion […]

0 A few weeks ago at work, I noticed a bunch of failed login attempts to one of our Linux servers. After doing some investigation, I found that no intrusion had actually been made, which is excellent. Lines similar to this were filling my /var/log/messages log file: Aug 20 23:31:26 elixer sshd[22526]: Failed password for […]