Today Is My Last Day of Smoking

I’ve been a smoker for 10+ years

I’ve been wanting to stop for long time now. I tried the e-cigarettes, but they just didn’t do it for me. Gum, patches, pretty much everything else. I don’t smoke just for nicotine, as explained below.

My brother and his girlfriend recently quit, after calling Quitline Iowa. That was about two months ago and they’re still smoke free, which is awesome. I called the Iowa Quitline a few weeks ago and got a bunch of nicotine patches, and tomorrow, March 10, is my quit date. So, today is my last day of smoking!

I’m kind of anxious about how tomorrow will go. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is smoke a cigarette, and that’s gonna be hard not to do. I’ll put a patch on instead first thing after waking up.

I’m not anxious about not having the nicotine, as I’ll get it via a patch, but I mostly smoke just for something to do. It’s become a reason for me to go outside and get away from things for a few minutes. So, the anxiety comes mostly from wondering how exactly to break from this routine of going out for a smoke every 1.5-2 hours.

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do to get past that. Probably just stay super busy, which I am, thankfully. It’s for sure going to be a difficult routine to break. I’d gladly accept any tips or ideas from ex-smokers on how to get past my urge to go outside and smoke, just for the sake of going outside for a few minutes.

I’ll update with more posts as I progress, and, hopefully, will have a post up on Tuesday about how I’ve been smoke free for one whole day!

Wish me luck, I’ll need it.