Ubuntu Billboard

Look at the beautiful Ubuntu Billboard WildBill got a photo of as he was driving by.
Ubuntu Billboard
Pretty neat huh? I’m not a huge Ubuntu fan, but I do appreciate it. If I wasn’t such an avid Slackware user, Ubuntu would be my distro of choice. In fact, I just used the Ubuntu LiveCd yesterday at work to get some needed files off a dying hard drive. Pretty neat, I expect Microsoft billboards, but not Ubuntu. Wonder what it’d take to get a Slackware billboard put up somewhere?

Oh, and as you’d expect, the Ubuntu Blog author is pretty excited about the billboard too.


Slackware 11 Beta

Isn’t it about time for Beta 1 of Slackware 11 to be released? I’d surely think so, especially with all the updates being made to the slackware-current changelog lately. I was thinking that Patrick would take a chance and make 2.6 the default kernel in Slackware 11, I don’t think that’ll happen now. 2.4.32 or 2.4.33 will most likely be the default kernel found in Slackware 11. I say this due to the changes that have been made to the kernel 2.4.32 packages in -current.

I’ll continue waiting patiently for Slackware 11 Beta 1…


Looking Ahead: Slackware 11

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Well, we’re getting closer to a Slackware 11 release. What kind of software goodies can we expect from this release? On May 31st, KDE released KDE 3.5.3, which has since been included in slackware-current. Unless KDE makes another release soon, I expect we’ll see KDE 3.5.3 included in Slackware 11.

Slackware 11 is still using a 2.4 kernel by default, with the kernel in “testing”. Chess Griffin is guessing Slackware 11 will be released on June 25th. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but Chess made that guess back in May. I am guessing that Slackware 11 will be released around August 11th. I say that because we haven’t even seen Slackware 11 Beta 1 yet.

I would expect to see a 2.6 kernel as the default kernel in Slackware 11. Having a 2.4 kernel as the default is something people like to poke fun at Slackware for. Now that kernel 2.6 has been around for a few years, I expect Patrick will set it as the default. Patrick will make the right decision, as he always has, no matter which kernel he chooses to set as the default.

Other new software that will be included in Slackware 11 is MySQL 5.0, Apache 1.3.36, PHP 4.4.2, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and X11 6.9.0. Now, this is software that’s currently included in slackware-current, so the version numbers may change slightly before Slackware 11 is actually released.

So far, it looks like we can expect a nicely polished release of Slackware 11, as usual. I’m just hoping Patrick decides to go with a 2.6 kernel by default.

On a somewhat releated note, this guy here at wordpress.com seems to be addicted to his Slackware box. Apparently it’s caused him to miss a few lunches, he’s having trouble dragging himself away from the beauty that is Slackware.

Somebody should drag me away from my PC. Ever since I installed Slackware on it, I could not get myself to stay away from the damn thing. My eyes are hurting, and my stomach is grumbling from missed lunches.


Slackware Upgrade

Dropline Gnome 2.12.0 was released yesterday. It’s been maybe about a month since Gnome 2.12.0 was released. I’d say the Dropline team did a pretty damn good job getting 2.12.0 out the door so quickly. I can’t believe how many packages they have to maintain.

Dropline Gnome 2.12.0 was built for Slackware 10.2. Slackware 10.2 hasn’t been out too long yet. Being that DLG 2.12.0 recommends slackware 10.2, I upgraded my system lastnight from Slackware 10.1 to 10.2.

Everything went pretty much as I had planned. I spent about 2 hours backing stuff up and making sure I had everything I could possibly need. The only thing I forgot to grab was the “./configure” strings I use to build PHP. Fortunately, I use basically the same method for the servers at work. I had been planning on upgrading to Slack 10.2 days after it was released. I had been putting it off far too long. I’m glad DLG 2.12.0 was released, or I still wouldn’t be running slackware 10.2.


Slackware Linux 10.2 Released

Slackware 10.2 has been released. I will probably upgrade to 10.2 sometime this weekend. I know the Dropline guys are hard at work prepping their Gnome 2.12 release for Slackware 10.2. They were expecting Slackware 10.2 to be released right about now. Below is taken straight from the Slackware homepage:

Slackware 10.2 includes the Linux 2.4.31 kernel, with Linux 2.6.13 available in the /testing directory. For the first time, a 2.6 kernel with support for SCSI, RAID, and SATA is offered as a boot option in the installer (called “test26.s”). Slackware 10.2 also sports a new revision of glibc (2.3.5) with NPTL support for improved thread performance when using a kernel with NPTL support, the latest KDE 3.4.2 and XFce 4.2.2 desktop environments, updated development tools, and new additions like SASL support in sendmail, the Subversion version control system, the Firefox browser, and the Thunderbird email and news client. For a complete list of changes since Slackware 10.1, check out the Slackware 10.2 ChangeLog.

Read the official announcement here.

To order the official release of Slackware or other Slackware products (and help support the Slackware project), visit the Slackware store.

ISO images are available through BitTorrent here.

A list of mirrors that are likely to be among the first offering the 10.2 release may be found here.

I’m excited. I love new Slackware releases, nothing more exciting. Azmeen at HTNet has word of the new Slackware too. I bet he’s just as excited as I am.