SlimStat: Free Web Stats

SlimStat is a nice little PHP software package designed to help you track visits to your website or blog. Download Squad had a post about SlimStat this morning that sparked my interest.

I’ve been using Shaun Inman’s great ShortStat for a while. However, I wanted to be able to drill down into the stats and look at things in more detail.

When I started editing the code, I kept thinking of more and more things I’d like to change. SlimStat is the result.

SlimStat is based on ShortStat. ShortStat is no longer being developed. Instead the original author of ShortStat (Shaun Inman), is now working on Mint, which I’ve been using for the last few months. But none of that has anything to do with SlimStat. SlimStat has a different developer (Stephen Wettone). He just picked up where Shaun left off basically.

Blogging Pro also has a post about SlimStat, and a related WordPress plugin, WP-SlimStat. Although, the WordPress plugin uses SlimStat 0.9.2 where the current release of SlimStat is 0.9.4.