US House: No Social Networking Sites at School

Techcrunch has a good post discussing the recent decision made (lastnight) by the US House. House Resolution 5319 (the Deleting Online Predators Act, or DOPA) was passed lastnight with a vote of 410 to 15. If the resolution does indeed become law, schools and public libraries will lose federal internet subsidies if they don’t block social networking sites such as MySpace and Newsvine.

Now, I’m all for keeping MySpace out of schools, it has no place there. But every social networking site shouldn’t be targeted, that’s just insane. That’s like banning all light bulbs because one manufacturer has problems with their light bulbs exploding. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I’m very upset by this decision. Go over to Techcrunch to read more about it. They’ve also got links to many other sites that discuss HR5319 in greater detail.


Jay Bennish on The Today Show

Jay Bennish got a hell of a make-over for his Today Show appearance yesterday. Michelle Malkin has a before and after picture. He doesn’t have that hippie look so much anymore. Now he’s just sportin a little weasel look.

Matt Lauer likes Jay Bennish a whole lot it would seem. He pretty much started off the interview on the defense for Bennish. Ian at Expose the Left can explain:

Lauer began the interview by TELLING the audience that Bennish was taken out of context. I guess we didn’t hear the great reason Bennish had for comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler, please do tell us Matt. But wait, Bennish did give us a reason. How was it taken out of context, I don’t know.

If you wanna see the video, visit Expose the Left at the link above. They’ve also got a video and post of a student responding to Jay Bennish appearing on The Today Show.

Bennish was pretty stuck on the point that he was only bashing the U.S. for 20 minutes out of a 50 minute class. The other 30 minutes must be dedicated to praising the U.S.? Curt at Flopping Aces doesn’t think so.

Slapstick Politics is continuing their piece ” Indoctrination Not Education In The Classroom”, now at part 3. This Bennish guy just makes me angry, like that Cindy Sheehan lady, who got arrested again the other day. Let’s hope Bennish doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his might-be role-model.

This post is linked at Mudville Gazette, they’ve got another open post. Some good stuff there, how typical.


Jay Bennish is just a Hippie

So, this world geography teacher in Colorado, Jay Bennish, thinks it’s his job to tell his students how shitty of a job the Bush administration is doing and how America is inherently evil.  A 16-year-old student named Sean Allen recorded one of Jay’s leftist rants and got the man suspended.  My hat’s off to Sean, nice work.

This story got a little more interesting today as 100 students apparently walked out over Jay Bennish’s suspension.  This leads me to wonder if these 100 students even know what the job of a teacher is.  A teacher is NOT a political activist.  It’s his job to give facts as they are, not as he wishes they’d be.  In addition to that, what the fuck does the Bush administration have to do with world geography?

Jay’s probably just smoked himself retarded.  You can’t really blame him though.  It’s gotta be a pretty miserable life ranting to 15 and 16 year old kids about how shitty the Bush administration is doing.  The only people willing to listen to psycho-babble like that are other moonbats or un-educated students, like we have in this case.  You should have been a blogger instead of a teacher Jay.  May have proven to been a more lucrative career in the end.

Slapstick Politics has some more on this, along with pictures and links to the audio.  They’ve got one picture of a girl with duct-tape over her mouth that reads “let me be heard”.  She really looks like your typical dumb girl that believes in something because her friends do.  Nobody’s silencing her, except for the duct-tape over her mouth.  You poor little under-appreciated, un-heard, little bitch.  I’m a huge free-speech supporter.  However, a public school isn’t a place for a teacher to be practicing free speech.  A public school is a place for teachers to give students facts about the world around them.

Expose The Left has an MP3 of the audio recorded by student Sean Allen.

UPDATE: Now Stop the ACLU is reporting that Jay Bennish has hired an ACLU attorney. Who’s the attorney you may ask? David Lane of course, the fine man Ward Churchill had defending him.

Post linked at Mudville Gazette, thanks guys!