HTML5Press Is Now RootDip

HTML5Press is now known as RootDip. I didn’t put much effort into picking a new name, simply because I don’t have much time to put into this thing right now (work,, book, wedding, 3 year old daughter, and more).

I’ve renamed the GitHub repo, changed every occurrence of HTML5Press to RootDip in the theme itself, and released version 2.5.4 as the first version baring the RootDip name.

In addition to the name change, I threw in a new font, Lato, from Google Web Fonts. It’s the font I’m currently using here at Also, RootDip 2.5.4 is running here right now. It’s a totally stock copy, straight from the GitHub repository.

Would have gotten around to this earlier but have been pretty caught up with and adding support for Dreamhost and Linode.

I’ll be submitting RootDip to the WordPress theme directory again, so we’ll see how that goes now that it’s got a valid name.