Obnoxious Hurricane Katrina Quotes

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has compiled a list of the top 20 most obnoxious Katrina hurricane quotes. Yah, it’s a right of center site, but the republicans aren’t safe. He’s got obnoxious quotes from both the left and the right.

I wonder if these people actually believe what they said or if they were just saying it to get a reaction out of people. Doesn’t really matter I guess because they said it, and most of it’s really funny.

Anyone have any news on the blackout yesterday in Los Angeles? Saw something about it on Fark but never really saw anything else anywhere. Last I knew there was still no known cause.

UPDATE: OK, GOP Vixen has news on the blackout in Los Angeles. Turns out an electrical worker cut the wrong line, bet he feels like a dumb ass. Mark in Mexico has an illustration of the cutting if you care to take a look.