OpenDNS Preferences Are Live

I just noticed the OpenDNS preferences page is up and running. It’s pretty basic, but now you can enable or disable typo correction and phishing protection. The configuration is done based on IP address, so if you don’t have a static or persistent IP address, you might be out of luck. I don’t have a static IP at home, but I’ve managed to keep the same one for a little over a year now.

Here’s a screenshot of the preferences page:

Obviously, there’s not much there at this time. But look at the little information box in the top right. It mentions they’ll be adding more preferences there over time. It looks like they plan to have user accounts soon too, so you can manage preferences not based solely on your IP. Fun fun!

UPDATE: In my last post on OpenDNS, I mentioned I was having trouble getting to The problem seemed to resolve itself, when I was suddenly able to hit with no problem. However, come Monday morning, I’m unable to load again. Even when I type, the direct link to the homepage, I get the OpenDNS search page. OpenDNS search successfully finds the site, but when I click on the search result, I’m taken back to the OpenDNS search page instead of being taken to The really odd thing is that I can reach with no problem from home. Not so from work though. I’d think a traceroute to would be nearly identical from my house and from the office, since the two are about 3 city blocks away from each other.