0 Easily Reset WordPress Database WordPress Database Reset is a WordPress plugin I recently came across that will at some point prove very, very useful to me. It’s not often that I need to reset a production WordPress database to it’s default settings, but this plugin will make the task a whole lot easier. Chris […]

0 I’ve released version 0.0.3 of my Sticky Alerts jQuery plugin. It’s available on GitHub and is now indexed at plugins.jquery.com. I’ve added a feature to remember if the bar has been closed or not. This is done via cookies, and there’s an option to set. The option, cookieRememberDays, default to 2. If you want […]

0 For some reason, WordPress will send a 200 HTTP response status code, or OK, when a login attempt has failed. Why not send a 403 status code, which is designed specifically to say you can’t be here, or forbidden, actually. There’s even a better alternative to 403, but stay with me. I came about […]

0 Keep your customizations in place, like that driftwood up there A functionality plugin is a WordPress plugin that is specific to your site, and contains the additional functionality you need your site to have. This is a much better option than adding features to your theme’s functions.php file, because it allows you to change […]

0 Easily embed markdown into WordPress posts and pages. There’s lots of plugins to enable your entire post to be composed of Markdown, but what if you only want a piece of your post to be in Markdown? I shortcode sure would come in handy. This is where the Inline Markdown plugin comes in to […]