Muslim Riots Continue

What a surprise! Lastnight saw the 18th consecutive night of muslim riots in Paris. 284 cars were set ablaze and 115 people were arrested. Since October 27th, 2,652 total arrests have been made. As usual, the Brussels Journal has a good roundup:

Hurrah! Last night was even “quieter” than the night before. According to French police statistics in the 18th consecutive night of rioting, there were violent incidents in 120 municipalities. In the whole of France 284 cars were set alight and 115 people were arrested, which brings the total number of arrests since the beginning of the riots on October 27 to 2,652. Five policemen were injured in Grenoble when a gas canister exploded in a dustbin that had been set alight. Paris was said to be “calm,” though other sources reported that a gas station had been set ablaze. The police announced that 68 cars were torched in Paris, compared to 76 the previous night. Michel Gaudin, the head of French police, said earlier that 86 vehicles burned in a single night is “about normal” in Paris. That, apparently, was more or less the pre-riot level in the capital of multicultural France.

Lyons was calm too: last night 15 cars were torched in France’s second largest city, one school was arsoned and another school was rammed with a car. Later today the French government is going to prolong the state of emergency until 21 February. The European Union will donate France 50 million euros to help recover from the damage, as if rioting is a kind of natural catastrophe, the French equivalent of Hurricane Katrina.

There’s really no major news outlets covering this anymore. I don’t think I saw anything on FoxNews about the paris riots over the weekend. CNN had a few minutes of video on their Headline News channel, but that was it. Maybe if they just ignore it the threat will just go away. Bird’s Eye View discusses a more general concept: Society before State. Good read.

The Dread Pundit Bluto has figured out the cause of the rioting, with the help of some lowly journalists . It’s caused by infants and their unwillingness to speak or learn any language at all. When will the wee ones learn?


The Imploding French Model

Curt at Flopping Aces linked to an interesting opinion piece discussing the Paris riots and the economic policies that caused them.

Through a combination of socialism at home and appeasement abroad, the French believed they had found a viable alternative to, in former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin’s phrase, “jungle capitalism,” as practiced by you know who. Jacques Chirac was more direct, condemning “ultra liberal Anglo-Saxon” economic policies, while also famously boasting that France would anchor a European pole in a “multipolar” world, with American influence vastly reduced. With 300 French cities in flames, French pretensions lie singed and shriveled.

The article places most of the blame soley on economic factors and Frances willingness to accept immigrants. Economic factors do play a factor, no doubt. I don’t think that’s the root of the problem though, it all goes back to radical Islam. Curt gets it:

While I agree that the French economic policies are a factor in the Paris riots, how do you explain the rioting in Germany and Belgium? You let Muslims take over neighborhoods in your country, almost giving them autonomy, then as soon as they get strong enough they will let you know that Islam has no borders and they will take the land by force. Radical Islam has no other goal then the destruction of the west, get it through your thick skulls liberals.


France: To Hell in a Handbasket – UPDATED

Nine Ten nights of muslims rioting in the streets so far. All due to a couple kids who got in trouble by the cops and fled to a power station. Do cops in Paris just chase people for the hell of it? I doubt it.

The protests/rioting continues to grow more violent. 250 arrests were made lastnight alone, along with 900 vehicles getting torched.

ACHERES, France – Youths armed with gasoline bombs fanned out from Paris’ poor, troubled suburbs to shatter the tranquility of leafier towns, torching 900 vehicles, a nursery school and other targets, police said Saturday, in the worst wave of arson since the urban violence began more than a week ago.

Police were forced to adapt, deploying a helicopter and small teams of officers to chase down youths who sped from one attack to another in cars and on motorbikes. The new security tactics yielded more than 250 arrests during the ninth straight night of unrest.

The violence, which was originally concentrated in neighborhoods northeast of Paris with large immigrant populations, is forcing France to confront anger long-simmering in its suburbs, where many Africans and their French-born children live on society’s margins, struggling with unemployment, poor housing, racial discrimination, crime and a lack of opportunities.

The really bad thing here is the French government is pretty much helpless in getting the violence under control. Supposedly, some muslim groups are attempting to intervene, prolly just gonna issue a “fatwa” or two. We all know how that goes.

Weapons of Mass Destruction has a huge post covering the riots. They’re guessing that bringing an end to the riots may be the easy part for the French government.

A Blog for All notes the headlines here in the U.S. Not really much to be seen about the violence in France due to anti-american/bush protests going on in Argentina. That’s the liberal media for you. Gladly accepting all opportunities to bash Bush instead of covering stories that could have a major impact on all society. Israpundit says the English media is downplaying the violence in France too. You’d think they’d be a lot more gunshy considering what went down last July in London.

The Brussels Journal foresees the fall of France as we knew it. Could the voilence get to a point in which France is simply divided up? Seems unlikely, but anything can happen. Jihad Watch has more on the two-state solution.

These areas, which some compare to the “millet” system of the former Ottoman Empire, where each religious community (millet) conducted its own social and cultural life in its own neighbourhoods, exist not only in France, but also in Muslim neighbourhoods in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other countries.

Dan over at Riehl World View explains with great simplicity what’s going on and how fucking sad it is.

Whatever the circumstances – groups of thugs are rioting and destroying schools, warehouses and vehicles and the Prime Minister has them in for a chat. And this is one of the nation’s John Kerry was going to depend on for help in Iraq?

That is what it all boils down to in the end, groups of thugs bringing destruction and chaos for basically no reason at all. Fuckin kids shouldn’t have been running from the cops anyway. And like I said before, cops don’t chase people for no reason at all, they obviously did something to provoke the chase.

The Counterterrorism Blog quotes a police-union leader who seems to be quite worried, for good reason mind you.

A civil war is unfolding in Clichy-sous-Bois. We cannot handle the challenge any longer. Only the Army, trained and equipped for this type of mission, can intervene to stabilize the situation.

James Joyner at Outside The Beltway has various news clippings detailing lastnights events, as does Captains Quarters.

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UPDATE 1: Jo looks at the definition of “rioting” and asks why it happens. I think she’s having trouble answering the same question I am: what the hell do the rioters think they’ll accomplish? Or, a more generic question would be “what’s the point?” I can’t wrap my mind around it. Perhaps if I were to go live in a Muslim society for a few months I would understand more…

Weapons of Mass Destruction started a new post on the subject due to the others getting too large and cluttered. I hate it when that happens…

UPDATE 2: Smantix over at Six Meat Buffet says “Death To France.” I think he may be onto something there…

When Hurricane Katrina nailed New Orleans, the French were kind enough to offer us a couple of generators and some cots. Let’s send them a hose or something. America’s Oldest Enemy deserves no less.

And my man Dan over at Riehl World View thinks I sound pissed. Did this post come across that way? It should have because I am pissed. The whole situation in France isn’t necessary and the damn kids obviously did something to provoke the cops. And the poor, oppressed, Muslim society acts like half of their population was wiped out by a nuke or something. Grow up Islam. I’ll gladly welcome you into the 21st century once you get your shit straight.


French Muslim Riots Continue

“Paris Muslim Riots” may not apply much longer as rioting is now taking place in at least 20 suburbs of Paris. Why all the rioting you ask? A couple Muslim teenagers were electrocuted when they entered a power substation and got fried. Supposedly they were forced to enter because they were fleeing police. I can’t count the levels of irony there.

Why were they fleeing police? How exactly were they forced to run to a place in which they would be electrocuted? I’m not sure, that’s just the muslim state of mind for ya.

Don Surber makes a good point in saying “one wonders if Jacques Chirac does not want to reconsider his decision not to fight al-Qaeda on Iraqi land instead of France.” Very good point Don. Jacques is a plain and simple dumb ass though, I think that’s probably asking too much from him.

And why won’t the media just acknowledge that those rioting ARE muslims? The Politburo Diktat has an interesting bit about that. There’s a screenshot of Google News, not does the word “muslim” appear on the page.

Wonder Woman adds that Europe “begins to see what their lax immigration policy and aversion to assimilation has wrought. There will be more. And who doesn’t think that Canada will be next?”

Hopefully La Shawn Barber is wrong about this coming to the streets of the United States soon. Should that be the case anytime soon, I’m declaring open season on anyone I deem to be a possible threat to myself and my family. Time to break out the old shotty?

Chad Evans from In The Bullpen writes “Chirac just needs to remind the nation that he did not support the war in Iraq and is not part of the war against Islam started by President Bush. People tend to forget things like that. Because, you know, we are told every violent thing any group of Muslims do is because of the war in Iraq.”

And along those same lines, Patrick at Clarity and Resolve rightly adds “France has been asking for this for quite some time. So have many other European states.”

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UPDATE 11/5: The Brussels Journal has a nice writeup entitled “Why Some Riot and Some Do Not”. Here’s a piece of the final paragraph, Paul obviously knows what’s goin on.

But as long as the Poles are not losing their willingness to work, to create wealth, to improve their lot, as long as they realise that their future is their own responsibility rather than the state’s and the politicians’, Poland’s prospects are bright, while those of Western Europe grow bleaker day by day.