Not Enough Time

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  We started moving our office over the weekend.  Being the tech guy I had a ton of work to doy.  So, I spent basically the entire weekend getting all setup in the new office.

We’re moved in now and are still getting situated.  I’ve got a few pictures I’ll post when the whole thing is complete.  I ducked out a little bit early today just because I got the chance to do so.  Don’t expect many posts for the rest of the week unless I see something at night that really deserves attention.


Ajaxian Office

AJAX is wicked cool. I’ve loved it since it was introduced to me in the form of Gmail. Slashdot points to a ZDNet blog discussing all the office style AJAX applications out there.

I’ve been looking for a decent calendar to use. I signed up for something lastweek and the user interface sucked, so I never really used it. Thanks to that ZDNet blog, I’ve found Kiko. Kiko is exactly what I’ve been looking for in terms of a calendar. And the sweet AJAX interface makes it really fun to work with.

You should check out the post at ZDNet, you could basically replace Microsoft Office with these web based AJAX applications. Maybe not replace Office entirely, but a lot of the same functionality is there.