Chappelle Show Lost Episodes on Usenet

Season 3 (The Lost Episodes) of Chappelle Show has been on Usenet for about 5 days now. Not sure how many they’ve shown on Comedy Central so far, but the release on Usenet is a retail copy of the DVD. I won’t be watching the episodes on Comedy Central since they decided it would be so cool to fuck Dave over. Was released by a group with a pretty good rep, so quality should be awesome.



The Shining, For Real?

This is just fucking weird!

Columbia, SC
Cops went to a 44-year-old woman’s Gadsden home to investigate blood that she said was seeping out of her floor. They noticed a red liquid that looked like blood on the floor of her hallway and bathroom, as well as on the baseboards, carpets and lower parts of the bathroom cabinets, toilet and bathtub. There were puddles, splatters and smears of the stuff all over. The woman said the substance began to “appear” through the floor and seemed to follow her mother as her mother moved down the hallway and into the bathroom. The cop took some of the stuff to a lab for testing.

Just wanted to share that quick.