Bush’s NOLA Speech

President Bush was on the tele lastnight discussing basically everything Katrina. I didn’t listen to much of it, maybe 15 minutes total. From what I heard, Bush did an excellent job. I heard him promising lots of money to lots of people. Hopefully he follows through.

If I was a refugee from Katrina, hearing Bush’s words lastnight would have put my mind at ease, at least for a while. He did a great job of explaining himself and touching on all the major pieces the MSM has brought up in regards to Katrina. I don’t think he could have done a much better job.

There is going to be a lot of money spent, no doubt about it. Sister Toldjah thinks it’ll end up being more than $200 billion, I agree. Other fiscal conservatives are blowing their gaskets at the amount of money Bush plans on spending on the rebuilding efforts. We’re rebuilding basically the entire gulf coast. An undertaking like that won’t come cheap. Is it worth it? I’d say yes.

Pundit Guy was left with a fowl taste in his mouth:

Presidents who give away other peoples money have always given me a bad taste in my mouth. And tonight, while watching George W. Bush, that taste showed up.


Once he started handing out the candy…it seemed as though he just couldn’t stop. The costs for rebuilding could reach $200 billion or beyond. And this is $200 billion ABOVE AND BEYOND the cost of the war.

All valid points. I would rather see all this money being poured into the war on terror. Since Katrina was here that won’t happen though. Bush knows he has to spend more money here, in his own country rather than spending money internationally. If he didn’t give huge amounts of money to rebuild and support Katrina victims, he would be run out of the country by the kook liberal nutjobs. He’s really doing the only thing he can do.

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Chrenkoff is Done

The Jawa Report has news of Arthur Chrenkoff retiring from his blogging career. Chrenkoff ran the super popular pro-war “Chrenkoff” blog.

Chrenkoff made his last post this morning. One of Arthurs most popular items was his “Good News from Iraq” postings. In light of Chrenkoff leaving the blogosphere, a new blog has popped up that will take over covering good news from Iraq. The blog, Good News from the Front, will be filling the void. Looks like they’re already doing a nice job.

Chrenkoff the man will be greatly missed within the blogosphere but his reasoning for doing so is solid. He’s moving his professional career forward, not something you can really do in the blogosphere. He’s done so much in terms of bringing to light all the good our troops have done in Iraq and in the war on terror in general.

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Obnoxious Hurricane Katrina Quotes

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has compiled a list of the top 20 most obnoxious Katrina hurricane quotes. Yah, it’s a right of center site, but the republicans aren’t safe. He’s got obnoxious quotes from both the left and the right.

I wonder if these people actually believe what they said or if they were just saying it to get a reaction out of people. Doesn’t really matter I guess because they said it, and most of it’s really funny.

Anyone have any news on the blackout yesterday in Los Angeles? Saw something about it on Fark but never really saw anything else anywhere. Last I knew there was still no known cause.

UPDATE: OK, GOP Vixen has news on the blackout in Los Angeles. Turns out an electrical worker cut the wrong line, bet he feels like a dumb ass. Mark in Mexico has an illustration of the cutting if you care to take a look.


How Dare You President Bush?

This is too good to pass up. Everyone in the world knows that George W. Bush is to blame for basically every problem the world has. It’s just a fact. For example: The Iowa vs. Iowa State game is this weekend in Ames. It’s entirely Bush’s fault it’s in Ames. Now I won’t be able to get around quickly to my usual destinations. In relation to that I’ll end up spending more money on gasoline. It’s in Ames because there’s a slightly higher black population in Iowa City rather than in Ames. And you know, Bush hates black people, so the fewer the better. I’m just glad to see that our president is able to keep on top of so many things.

Yah, I don’t really have much talent for satire, so I’ll just let you read the good stuff for yourself. This is the first time I’ve seen Six Meat Buffet “lash out” at president Bush like this. 😉

Bush is getting blamed for basically everything. It’s not even humanly possible for one man to be responsible for everything people are blaming on him. It’s sad but also totally funny. The left in this country will believe anything they read on Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. Their brains have gotta be almost totally wasted away.

H/T: Rusty @ The Jawa Report


Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died lastnight at his home in Virginia. He was 80 years old.

Lots of people think it’s gonna get really ugly for Bush in the coming weeks. I’ve got no doubt it’ll get ugly. He’s got Katrina, Iraq, and two Supreme Court positions to fill.

Jay over at Stop The ACLU expects to see a whole new level of looniness from the democrats. Rossputin asks some really good questions and tries to offer a little insight as to what we might expect:

The political implications of this situation, having two Supreme Court vacancies simultaneously, will whip radicals (environmental, racial, sexual, economic) and collectivists of all sorts into a frenzy of paranoia which will make the Roberts process so far look positively tame. It might even make what happened to Robert Bork look civilized.

SactoDan thinks the Democrats are already stretched thin and may have trouble coming up with a “combat” stragety. He’s probably right, the dems have gotta be freakin.

It amazes me that Rehnquist hadn’t retired. The man deserves our deepest respect as a country, no two ways about that.

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