WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.5.6

Two Unwakeable releases within a month is a record. Anyway, Unwakeable 1.5.6 is available for download.

Unwakeable was again denied for inclusion in the WordPress Themes Directory. All the issues you see listed on that trac ticket have been fixed. I have yet to submit Unwakeable 1.5.6 to the themes directory.

You can find a detailed list of changes at the Unwakeable GitHub repo. If you notice any problems please report an issue.

The biggest change in 1.5.6 is the inclusion of comment_form. The WordPress Themes Directory requires use of comment_form. K2 had a custom form in place for comments, so I removed that form and replaced it with the comment_form function. Changes other than that were pretty negligible (ie: replacing blog_info(‘url’) with ‘echo home_url()’).

You can see Unwakeable 1.5.6 in action here.


WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.5.5

Unwakeable 1.5.5 is available for download.

Not a whole lot has changed since 1.5.3, but the changes that were made are significant. Unwakeable 1.5.5 is compatible with WordPress 3.1.

The most notable change is the removal of title.gif file. That was the image file with “Unwakeable” written on it that sat in the top left corner. Instead of that image, text is now used. The name of the WordPress site is pulled and used in place of the image. You can see a demo over at the Unwakeable demo site.

I’ve also added support for custom menus that were introduced in WordPress 3.0. By default, the top menu is a list of pages. If you want to use a custom menu just set one up in your WordPress dashboard (Appearance –> Menus) and set that menu as the “primary navigation”.

My goal with this release of Unwakeable was to get it included in the WordPress theme directory. It’s still pending approval or rejection in the theme directory. If it’s rejected I’ll make the necessary changes, bump the version number, and submit it again.

If you’re interested in the exact changes that were made in Unwakeable 1.5.5, have a look at the following revisions in subversion:

The latest revision is r135 but that was just to tag the 1.5.5 release in subversion.

If you have problems or find something broken, please submit an issue on Github and I’ll look into it.


WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.5.3

Unwakeable 1.5.3 is available for download. This version is built off K2 1.0.3 and should work beautifully with WordPress 2.9+. You can head over to the Unwakeable page to get the download, or you can grab it here.

K2 1.0 added more support for WordPress 2.9. For example, K2 1.0 supports new WordPress features such as post thumbnail images. One of the more noticeable changes to K2 since the 1.0 release is the absence of SideBar Manager (SBM). It sounds like it was simply too much work to maintain SBM, and was beyond the scope of what K2 is:

It’s worth mentioning that the last remnants of the old SideBar Manager, or SBM, have now been removed from the codebase. It started out as a fully-fledged replacement for WP’s lacking widgets system and ended up as a patch-of-sorts to the widget system, allowing for widgets to be placed only on specified pages. But in the end, while the native widget system is still very much in need of an update, it didn’t feel right for K2 to try and cover that particular area of the administration interface. And besides, other plugins for doing just that exist already.

So instead of spending our time patching that system for an ever-changing WordPress, our time is probably better spent on more theme-specific functionality, like the rolling archives or livesearch systems, as well as keeping up with new WordPress features, like for instance Post Thumbnails.

Rather than break down all of what’s changed in recent versions of K2, I’m going to make it easy on myself and direct you to the K2 1.0 release announcement. Just know that Unwakeable 1.5.3 sports all the features found in K2 1.0.3. You can comment on this post or on the Unwakeable page with questions or comments.


Page Comments for K2 and Unwakeable

For some time now, comments have been disabled on pages in K2 and Unwakeable. The modifications needed to allow comments on pages are extremely easy to make. If you use either of these themes and wish to enable comments on pages, please continue reading.
1. Open the page.php file located in your K2 or Unwakeable theme directory. Go to line 36, it should look like this:

2. Comment out that if statement, so it should look like this when you’re done:

3. You’re halfway done at this point. Now go to line 40, which should look like this:

4. Comment out this piece of code as well, so modify line 40 so it looks like the code below.

5. Save the page.php file and you should be all set.

I will make this modification in the next release of Unwakeable so you won’t have to modify it yourself. You can expect to see a new version of Unwakeable released within a week.


K2 1.0-RC8

K2 1.0-RC8 has been released. It has support for threaded comments and child themes. You can also edit the post meta without having to modify any code now. A list of bug fixes can be found here, and below is the full post from the K2 blog:

This release adds support for Threaded Comments and Child Themes. Styles have been improved. You can specify where Styles are stored at, activate multiple styles, and edit them in the WordPress Theme Editor. You can also now customize the Post Meta (the line that reads Published by John Doe…) without having to edit any code.

I plan on building the next version of Unwakeable in the next couple weeks and will likely base it off of K2 1.0-RC8.