Kiddie Limb Crushing

This is quite disturbing. An 8 year old Iranian boy was caught stealing some bread. What’s the best way to punish a young boy who must resort to theft to keep food in his belly? Run his arm over with a truck of course.

These pictures may disturb you. The little boy’s facial expressions are horrible. How anyone could hold a small child down while he’s run over with a truck is beyond me. It’s no wonder there’s so many murders and terrorists living in that region, look at how the discipline their young. I’d cut that guys head off were he ever to cross me on the street.

H/T Jay @ Stop the ACLU. Heidi at Euphoric Reality hopes “ALL those Muslim men burn in hell for eternity after soaking for a millenium in pig’s blood.” I’m with ya there Heidi.

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Roy Hallums Breaks Free

Well, he may not have broken free, but he’s no longer a hostage. He was taken hostage on November 1st, 2004 by a group of insurgents in Iraq. The Jawa Report was the first media outlet to report that Roy had been taken hostage. Since then Rusty and the guys at the Jawa Report have done all they can to help the Hallums family. They helped by raising money and keeping his name in the media. Keeping ones name in the news would seem to be almost more important than any money that could be raised. Things happen when the media pays attention.

Yah, needless to say Rusty is freakin elated at this news as a lot of use are. Rusty even more so than most I’d imagine.

UPDATE: Rusty now has a response from the Hallums family confirming that Roy truly has been freed and they’re on their way to see him right now. That’s amazing.