City-Owned Telecom

The last few weeks there’s been many commercials airing, urging voters to turn down a proposed city-owned telecom bill. I was all for it, being that we don’t have many good options for internet service here in Iowa. This should provide some more options eventually for Iowans.

Voters in 17 Iowa cities voted for the proposal, allowing cities to build their own telecommunications companies. This will really piss off Mediacom.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Voters in 17 cities are giving their local governments the right to form their own telecommunications company.

Supporters went to the polls Tuesday night and sent a message to companies like Mediacom and Qwest, which helped fund a $1 million campaign blitz against the measure.

Cities such as Dubuque, Mason City and Waterloo can now start their own cable, telephone and Internet systems and potentially charge less than other companies.

On the other hand, 15 cities voted against the the proposal. One of those cities being Nevada, where I usually reside. Nevada is currently served by Iowa Telecom for phone service, they’re our only option for non-voip phone service. Mediacom is the only cable provider. Both companies offer broadband, but Iowa Telecom’s is piss slow and Mediacom offers basically no upload speeds.

Residents of 32 Iowa communities delivered a split verdict Tuesday on whether their cities should seek a role offering cable television, Internet and other telecommunications services.

Totals showed 17 communities passed the measures to form communications utilities and 15 defeated them. In the Des Moines metro area, proposals failed in Altoona, Carlisle, Norwalk and Windsor Heights.

The proposal was defeated in Nevada and six other communities served by telephone company Iowa Telecom. “I think it shows that (voters) just took the time to research the issue,” company spokesman Dan Eness said. “They realized a municipally owned telecommunications utility was not in the best interest for them.”

OK Dan, you wouldn’t just say that simply because you’re an Iowa Telecom employee would you? Of course not. I should thank the Des Moines Register for getting thoughts from mostly Mediacom or Iowa Telecom employees, that’s super!


Des Moines Bans Sex Offenders

Mike Pechar has a post at Conservative Thinking (also at Interested-Participant) speaking of towns banning sexual offenders. I had heard a little talk of this lately, but didn’t realize it was basically going on in my backyard.

The city of Des Moines is banning sex offenders from living within the city. Enforcement of the ordinance in Des Moines is set to begin this month. It makes me very happy to see this happening in Des Moines, instead of halfway across the country like is usually the case.

Finally, the nation has a reason other than primaries to watch Iowa. Head on over to Conservative Thinking and have a look.

It’s highly odd that I didn’t know about this going on in Des Moines. It’s sad that bloggers not even living in this state are able to inform me of this before my local media does. Mike Pechar (and Chris Short too) are obviously on-top of things a lot more than I am. The Des Moines Register has an article.

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September Straw Poll

Patrick Ruffini is conducting his September straw poll. Head over to that link to cast your votes.

He’s doing it slightly differently this time. Everything is basically the same except this poll features tagging. You can tag your vote like you’d tag a post for technorati or tag a picture for flickr.

The results from last months straw poll are available. Giuliani is kickin ass and taking names.


It’s About Damn Time!

Google is finally indexing the domain. I think it took right about 6 months for to start showing up in regular Google search results. Now maybe I’ll get more referrals from people searching google rather than just people searching google blogsearch.

The domain has a pagerank of 5. When I was at my old URL I had a PR of 3 I believe.

I had a lot more to do this weekend than I originally thought. After we got back from Cedar Rapids on Saturday, I came into work for about 3 hours. Then Ashley and I went to see The Nadas at Peoples Bar in Ames. Amber, Ashleys sister wanted to take her to that as a little birthday gift. Katie, one of their friends ended up getting an OWI, went to jail and doesn’t have a license anymore. I kinda felt bad, but not really.

And most of yesterday was spent playing Tiger Woods 2006. It’s wicked fun, my favorite one of em all so far. JV bought it Friday and brought it over yesterday. Now that I think about it, he may have forgotten it in my Xbox, so I may have something to look forward to when I get home this evening.