Now Hiring: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

While out smoking today, I came across a manhole cover with some stencil street art next to it. Not all that unusual. But the text is what made me laugh. It referenced something that I haven’t come into contact with in a while, other than TMNT figurines that sit at my coworkers desks.

Most of my coworkers are probably within 5-10 years in age from me, so we all grew up with the same shows, movies, and music. TNMT is one of the things I think at least 90% of my coworkers can identify with, which is fucking awesome, and that’s one of the many reason that I love my job.

This was on the North-East corner of Locust St. and E. 2nd Ave. It’s in/near the East Village area in Des Moines. Anyway, the text next to the manhole cover reads as follows:

Now Hiring:

Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles

Apply Inside

I took a few photos with my Nexus 4. They’re in the gallery below. Gotta view this as a single post before you can see the gallery though.

I really wanted to open that manhole cover.
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2010 Ames, IA Flood Map

David Runneals put together a nice map with lots of info about the flooding in Ames, IA.

I managed to take quite a few photos around Ames and Nevada, you can find them in this set on Flickr. There are currently four panoramas that do a pretty good job of showing how much water there was on the East side of Ames.

The Ames Tribune has a PDF with some really cool aerial shots, it’s worth checking out.


Google Building In Iowa

I flipped on the TV when I woke up yesterday to watch the news on KCCI like I always do. I caught the very end of a piece about Google building two facilities in Iowa. I didn’t believe my ears at first, I just assumed they were looking at Iowa as an option for building.

I got into work and went to the KCCI website. Sure enough, right on the front page was a story titled “Some Not Surprised By Google’s Move”. It was the top story of the day at the time. Here’s some of the article from the KCCI website:

DES MOINES, Iowa — It has been a well-kept secret until Tuesday.

Google Inc. is setting up shop in Iowa. The question is why.

The state’s reputation as a great place to live and work could have played a big role.

” I would like to begin with these four words: Google welcome to Iowa,” said Gov. Chet Culver in a news conference Tuesday in Council Bluffs.

The economic impact is predicted to be huge.

Google will invest $600 million in two new facilities, including a data center that is under construction in Council Bluffs.

The 1,100-acre site will house a data farm. The 200 news jobs are forecast to add up to $10 million a year to the state’s economy.

Google has a page dedicated to the Council Bluffs data center and there’s also a nice FAQ.

Google is currently taking applications for employees in the Council Bluffs data center. Needless to say, my resume will be on its way to them shortly, this position really caught my eye. Too bad I don’t have a degree of any sort, I’ll probably be overlooked for that reason alone.


Des Moines Bound Terrorist?

Crossposted from IrishWalsh.

Breaking Local Terror News:

Yesterday a man was shot and killed on an airplane in Miami when he claimed he had a bomb, due to heightened security from an airline terror alert, that much we all know.

But it is being reported by ABC that what caused the alert was a 50 year old Egyptian had been stopped in JFK Airport by the TSA in New York. His shoes were “suspicious” and tested positive for the explosive TATP in five separate tests. The tests revealed explosive residue on the interior of the shoe between the heel and sole. The Egyptian man was scheduled to board a flight to Des Moines Iowa where he claimed to be a student at Iowa State University in Ames. The man was detained overnight but released the next day before the FBI was notified or had a chance to speak with him. A nationwide search is now in effect for this man and it was this nationwide alert that caused the Miami Air Marshal to be in a heightened state of awareness when he shot and killed a man who claimed to have a bomb onboard a plane yesterday.

-The pieces of this story add up to some pretty scary stuff I you live here in Iowa:
-A 50 year old ISU student??
-Wearing shoes similar to those worn by shoe bomber Richard Reid
-The FBI was not informed
-Destined for Des Moines, Iowa

…and most frighteningly he is on the loose and his whereabouts unknown.

Ive seen this mentioned on only one blog on a technorati search, and just the ABC Exclusive article mentions it but it is something every Iowan at the very least should be aware of. More details may come in time. IrishWalsh told ya first.


Not Enough Time

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  We started moving our office over the weekend.  Being the tech guy I had a ton of work to doy.  So, I spent basically the entire weekend getting all setup in the new office.

We’re moved in now and are still getting situated.  I’ve got a few pictures I’ll post when the whole thing is complete.  I ducked out a little bit early today just because I got the chance to do so.  Don’t expect many posts for the rest of the week unless I see something at night that really deserves attention.