Horrible Lag is Gone

This site had been experiencing horrible lag over the last few days. I sat down lastnight and got it all figured out. First, I thought it must somehow be related to the new apache httpd server I installed, not the case. After determining that it wasn’t an apache config problem or something, I started into WordPress. The lag didn’t come from WordPress itself, but a plugin I was using. Said plugin was wp-shortstat.

After disabling wp-shortstat, the page loads much quicker without the lag when loading the end of the page. It’s almost like my web server would get to the bottom of the page and then just stop sending the rest of the data to the browser. The browser would get to the very end of the page and just stop loading. If I’d view the rendered HTML in IE or FireFox, the the trailing “body” and “html” tags would be missing. It’s all better now though.

I also downloaded Flock lastnight at home. It’s pretty interesting, all sorts of feature for blogs and other services like del.icio.us. Flock is built on FireFox 1.0. And if you’d like a WordPress.com blog, download flock and you can get one without an invite (H/T IO ERROR).


WordPress.com Invite

I recieved my wordpress.com invitation on Saturday morning. WordPress.com is a hosted wordpress blog setup. I signed up to be invited right when I heard about it a few months ago. Since I don’t really need or want another blog, I’m gonna give the invite away…if anybody is interested. Comment or send an email if you want it.

If I did need a blog, I’d probaby choose to host it with wordpress.com just because it uses WordPress and it’s free. Might wanna see what Basil’s got goin on for breakfast this morning.

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