A New Look

As you can obviously tell (providing you’ve visited before), I’ve change the look of this site. I couldn’t deal with the shitty display in Internet Explorer any longer. The navigation menu on the right would get pushed all the way to the bottom of the page under the previous theme. This new theme (Phoenixtheme) looks much better in IE than the Oxymod theme did. There’s a few items that don’t look exactly right in IE, but nothing anybody would really notice. Mostly just differences in spacing in some areas of the page.

Lots of things have been happening for me lately. Work is absolutely crazy. I figured things would start slowing down right about now, I think I “figured” too soon. It seems like we’re always getting something new to setup that will suck up about 2 months of time. That’s a good thing though.

Ashley and I got a new vehicle. We got a 2004 Buick Rainier CXL AWD from a local dealership. We’ve had it for a week now and I really like it so far. It’s got a very nice sound system by default and rides extremely nice. We’ll get to see how it handles in the snow tomorrow it sounds like. The weather guys around here are predicting about 9 inches or so.
2004 Buick Rainier CXL AWD
I also bought a real system for the Rainier. The “real system” being a 1000 watt JL Audio amp and 1 12″ MTX Thunder 9500. Both were previously owned by a friend, that setup was almost too loud to listen to when he had it in his Focus. I’ll hopefully get all that installed this weekend.

Oh, and I’ll hopefully be blogging more now. Performancing for Firefox should make it much easier no matter where I’m located. There’s been so many interesting stories I’ve wanted to blog lately but haven’t had a chance. ie: Cheney Hunting, Cartoons in Holland, New Abu Ghraib pics, and of course, Saddam acting all freaky at trial. Good mother fuckin times!


Saddam on Trial

His trial has begun, and the first part has ended. It will resume on Nov. 28 per Saddams request. In this first round, Saddam pleaded not guilty to murder and torture charges coming from a massacre in 1982.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The first session of Saddam Hussein’s trial has ended. It will resume on Nov. 28.

Saddam pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges including murder and torture in a 1982 massacre.

Saddam Hussein still insists he is president of Iraq, as trial began on charges that could lead to his execution.

He was in a defiant mood Wednesday.

The toppled Iraqi leader stood and asked the presiding judge: “Who are you? I want to know who you are.” Then he declared himself the president of Iraq.

When the Kurdish judge tried to get Saddam to formally identify himself, Saddam refused. He said: “I do not recognize the body that has authorized you and I don’t recognize this aggression.”

He went on to say: “I do not respond to this so-called court, with all due respect.”

The presiding judge read Saddam’s name, calling him the “former president of Iraq.” But Saddam protested, insisting he still is president.

That’s all fine and dandy. He can claim whatever he wants, everyone living in reality knows it’s not true. You can get some background info on the 1982 massacre over at the Boston Globe.

Brent, over at NewsBusters has a nice piece discussing a lot of Saddam-friendly news reporting coming from the major news networks. I wish they’d just shut up, of course he’s not going to get a fair trial. He murdered thousands of people, he doesn’t deserve a fair trial. He doesn’t even deserve a trial.

Matt from Blogs for Bush wonders if Saddam is ” the Left’s new Mumia.” Michelle Malkin covers pretty much every angle, as expected. UrbanGrounds speaks of loony liberals and their willingness to believe anything anti-america related. Chad Evans (In The Bullpen) has a great overall analysis. Outside The Beltway discusses Saddams little scuffle with the guards. The Political Teen has some video .

Other coverage coming from bRight & Early, Sister Toldjah, Don Surber, and California Conservative.

Linked @ Mudville Gazette.