I Humped Your Hummer

Humping Hummers, sounds fun right? It sure looks fun too! These crazy kids go around town humping hummers, just for fun and amusement. Bet they’ll stop when they get caught humping the wrong persons Hummer. I’d kill em if I owned a Hummer and someone was humping mine.

Still, engaging in Hummer Humping would probably be quite fun on an otherwise boring day.

Since the Hummer was made available commercially for civilian use in the early 1990s, it has increased dramatically in popularity, attracting such diverse constituencies as: soccer moms, drug dealers, and professional athletes and other celebrities. You may well ask, “Where do I fit into this mix?” It’s a fair question to pose, and one that we hope to satisfy here. For those of us who cannot or do not care to own a Hummer, there is still a fun and easy way to be a part of this craze.

The act of humping a Hummer and videotaping it can be interpreted in a variety of ways—it can be seen as a political statement, a piece of performance art, an opportunity to satisfy a roaring libido, or a an amusing activity to engage in as you’re walking down the street. Whatever your motivation, this website serves as a friendly forum to share your experiences humping Hummers. Whether it’s submitting your own Hummer humping videos, sharing a sighting, or passing on a bit of Hummer-related news, we hope you will see this site as a resource and a place to exchange your Hummer encounters.

[via UNEASYsilence]