Katrina and the Waves

Hurricane Katrina is bearing down on the gulf coast right about now. I awoke this morning and flipped on FoxNews. I looked at the bottom right of the TV to see how the market was doing, horrible. I think the dow was down something like 300 points. Then they said oil passed $70 a barrell.

My car has no gasoline in it. Maybe enough to make it to work and back. Ashley had to be to work early this morning so I didn’t ride with her. To make matters worse, I don’t have any money to get gasoline with. I mean, I have money in my checking account, just no cash on me. And I’ve still got a paycheck to deposit. But, my bank is no longer open on Saturdays. Saturday is the only time I can make it to the bank. So, I’ve gotta find a new bank sometime this week. Walking to work this morning wasn’t so bad.

Katrina is one hell of a storm. It’s spawning tornadoes all over the place. It also seems the SuperDome in New Orleans is failing. A piece of the roof has blown off and the sky can be seen from inside the dome. If I was a reporter, I’d rather be standing in the middle of the street rather than inside the SuperDome.

And supposedly, there’s still 100,000 some people in New Orleans (via Wizbang). What’s worse? Those people will not be able to evacuate the city. This could be very bad if true.

PunditGuy has a massive amount of links and updates on the storm. Blogs of War would also be a good resource for information regarding the hurricane.

In addition to the physical destruction that will come from this storm, there’ll also be financial troubles. It seems that the federal payroll system is run out of New Orleans. It was supposed to be moved to Kansas City, but not until next summer. Government employees may miss a paycheck or two in the coming weeks.

The Weatherblog also notes that some of the pumps in New Orleans aren’t working either. The Philly Inquirer blog is also worth watching.