Google Reader

Google announced Google Reader at the Web 2.0 Conference. It’s supposed to make it easier to manage lots and lots of feeds. Check out the tour for more on how the whole thing works.

I’ve used it a little, not much yet though as it seems to be running incredibly slow at the moment. I really like how it shows your different feeds and how it displays articles from the feed. It’s got a nice interface but needs a lot of little things done to it. There’s really no confirmation after you click the “subscribe” button, when you go back to your Reader home, you’ll be notified of feeds you’ve recently subscribed to.

Hopefully it’s not truly as slow as it currently is. There’s no way in hell I could use it at this speed. It looks fun though. Thanks to Matt for the news. Om Malik’s Broadband Blog and Between The Lines have the news too.

UPDATE: I think Google Reader was getting hammered with requests earlier. It’s much snappier now and has an interface very similar to that of Gmail. I like it, I dun care what anyone says. I still love you Google, dun listen to all those haters. I’ve already forgotten about the failed web accelerator…