0 Zombie Image Placeholders Are Back And just in time for Halloween! I wrote a post about my 10 favorite image placeholder services a while ago. Placezombies.com was one of them. Here’s the announcement blog post for Placezombies.com. Down in the comments, you’ll see that the owners forgot to renew the domain name, so it […]

0 I see this a lot I pay $90 a month for 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up. It’s all I have available. I never get 1Mbps up, at least according to testmy.net. Ping responses take quite a while, no matter the geographical location of the box I’m pinging. [email protected]:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) […]

0 Lolcat-style photos as you commit I’ve always had problems installing lolcommits on Xubuntu and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. The installation instructions are very simple. Only requiring you to run two commands, sudo apt-get install mplayer imagemagick libmagickwand-dev and then sudo gem install lolcommits (need sudo for linux). Pretty simple. The gem install lolcommits command […]

0 While out smoking today, I came across a manhole cover with some stencil street art next to it. Not all that unusual. But the text is what made me laugh. It referenced something that I haven’t come into contact with in a while, other than TMNT figurines that sit at my coworkers desks. Most […]

0 Humping Hummers, sounds fun right? It sure looks fun too! These crazy kids go around town humping hummers, just for fun and amusement. Bet they’ll stop when they get caught humping the wrong persons Hummer. I’d kill em if I owned a Hummer and someone was humping mine. Still, engaging in Hummer Humping would […]