WordPress.com Invite

I recieved my wordpress.com invitation on Saturday morning. WordPress.com is a hosted wordpress blog setup. I signed up to be invited right when I heard about it a few months ago. Since I don’t really need or want another blog, I’m gonna give the invite away…if anybody is interested. Comment or send an email if you want it.

If I did need a blog, I’d probaby choose to host it with wordpress.com just because it uses WordPress and it’s free. Might wanna see what Basil’s got goin on for breakfast this morning.

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PHP 5 Power Programming – For Free

Since this book has been out for a little while now, it’s being offered for free in PDF format at the Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series site. The entire 720 pages (9.3MB) can be downloaded from this URL:

It’s pretty kick ass they’re letting these books be distributed freely over the internet. Bruce Perens site I mentioned before actaully has a few free books that could be worth downloading. I was suprised at the number of books they’re offering. All you people just getting into PHP should probably check it out.